Mountain board hub motors?

I’m looking for hub motors that I can buy for a mountain board build… I don’t want to build motor mounts (not sure if there is a kit for them for mountain boards) and I think hub motors would be much better for clearance and simplicity.

I know enertion has some type of prototype for them but what are you guys thinking? Aliexpress?

Tell carvon to get on it lol - @LEVer lol

onloop is testing a pair,

Hub motors of that size would be heavy? Right? Dual 168kv wouldn’t do the trick?

yes i was looking into those. but im just not sure how he mounted those onto a pair of trucks

its like bolted in somehow?? are those trucks available?

Do you guys think this is a custom machined hanger?

well im trying to make it as simple as possible. not sure if theyd be more heavy or not. frankly dont really care i wont be carrying it very often

Hit up @nowind on endless sphere. I think he machines and sells mounts for trampa trucks.

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thanks good to know. Im gonna work on hub motors before i go for mounts.

Hud motors are heavy from my experience… Chunky center… Good wheel size but maybe motor overkill in size…I bet that hub motor is not specific to e-mountain boarding … I bet if they design one specific… It would be less in mass and work just as well

yea there seems to be a bunch of options in terms of motors avail… my main concern seems to be if that hanger is something i can buy or if i have to make it.

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Who is this? And where did he get those lol

Those are quad copter motors, it was a custom job.

The website from nowind is

His mounts are well made and tested.
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So I’ve I’m reading it correctly. There is a chain and a belt drive kit. I prefer belt because it’s quieter. Have any idea on price point? Does he sell the belts/cogs? And will the kit work with any trampa full kit?

(Not a noob, just to emtb lol)

This is what I’m looking at

Should work like a charm. Nowind uses the same trucks if I’m correct. I’m sure he can sell you spare parts if needed, but he will give you what you need to order them anywhere (belts, pulleys). They wouldn’t be cheap because he is milling all parts in his own shop by his own. I would guess the complete mount is in the 200€ area.

cool thanks! i pm’d him on ES. Havent logged on to es in months lol

Dang man you ready to beat the pavement hard core eh?