Mountain board trucks question

Hi . l want to buy new Mountain board trucks but with flat axle because my ats 12 are bent already from the factory and l eat lot of rubber on my tires Any advice ? Thanks

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What do you mean by “flat axle”?


My axle are angled and eat my rubber

Post pics 10char

Do you mean you’re looking for a straight axle?

Yes and the only one l see is the trampa infinity or the matrix ll

Either of those are good

I try to upload pictures

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Also i am not sure going with the matrix because here its winter and they are made of plastic but the trampa are heavy

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You can also consider ‘‘next matrix style trucks.’’ Same quality, but you can find them a whole lot cheaper.

These Skate Style ones are not good for powerful E-MTB boards. Those Trucks were designed for kiteboarding, keeping the board as light as possible. Kiteboards never ride in neutral truck position. The kite always pulls to one side and you lean against this pressure. For an E-MTB you need a proper truck, attached to a 35° Deck. Avoid any truck incorporating plastic top-trucks/baseplates, since they split under the pressure the motors will put to them. It is worse in the winter.


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Thanks you

Never heard of this brand any link please ?

I have a feeling they are rebrands, but they sell a wide variety of mountain boards (NEXT Redux for example), trucks and wheels under that name.

There are UK sellers/sell them cheaper, could not find a link (got it bookmarked on another laptop)

all metal for sure.

Maybe plastic, like MBS

Difference between them is that the latter has stiffness adjustments.

Though I don’t doubt Trampa’s quality, I haven’t heard of matrix/bms trucks breaking yet. There are a number of people on this forum using those trucks.

Those two trucks are exactly what you don’t want to use. The first one is a horrible design from 2000. You can’t adjust them and every bushing sits in the wrong place and has the wrong dimension. This truck is used by companies wanting to offer a product at price point, not caring about quality at all.

The second truck features a plastic baseplate which fails very soon. The Kingpin sits in two bearings, which are housed in the plastic. The bearing housing will go oval under the constant pressure of the springs and that play will get more every time you ride. The play will not only cause speed wobbles. Finally the baseplate will split apart. It is a very well know issue of those trucks. The motor torque ads on top of the problem. The plastic baseplates wear down faster than you can replace them.

Replacing failing bits all the time is frustrating and doesn’t save you any money. Mountainboards are under massive strain and quality compromises will only end in frustration and spending lots of money and time straightening out weaknesses.

Another thing you can’t see is the material used building those trucks. Steel, Alloy, bushings nuts and bolts etc. Cheap trucks are usually made from cheap raw material…


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Hmm, so the traditional MBS matrix trucks have the exact same issues?


I guess that answers the question. Glad I did not purchase the next redux mountain board during Black Friday.

Oval bearing seat. The play gets more every time you ride resulting in:

Weld seams will crack sooner than later because the material properties around the weld seam are ruined. The only way to cure that is post welding heat treatment, which is only done for top of the range products like expensive bicycle frames and the like. We heat treat all of your gear and avoid welding as much as possible.


So trampa infinity is the best :grinning:. l have made some research for used one but nothing on this forum l want it but my canadian money wotrh nothing :joy: