Mountain board trucks question

Well, at least you are informed now, knowing what issues you will face.


Are you a trampa seller ? Can l buy trucks from the US ? Thanks

He is Trampaā€¦

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Nice mudguard design. Havent seen such style before. Good as long as it works when turning :slight_smile:

@celica39 yeh I need fenders like that asap. How did u attach it to the truck?

Well if u didnt see, he bolted them to the board :smiley: would say a bit unconventionalā€¦but hey if i works why not :slight_smile:

Btw heres how whitepony made his:

Does this actually work? I feel like the fender moved out of place when u turn. No wheelbite??

Is @whitepony selling?

No work perfectly because they are enough large to cover also the chain and motor pinion

Just cut 5 gallon bucket the length you need and fix it with 1/8 aluminium bar and use torch to heat them the form you need

Love it. Dam I might have to make it myself now.

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he mike, im not selling because the process of forming 4 is really a hassle with all that vacuum business. probably need 3h pure work for just one :expressionless:

but i thinks, eben though time consuming, its not hard to do! give it a try :slight_smile:

Theses are made from cuts with a jigsaw of a 5 gallon bucket so l took me 30 minute to cut them lol very simple idea and work like a charm :joy:


Do u have more pictures of your board? Also what size battery do u have? That pack in middle is quite huge, i think

Anyways thanks for the tips :slight_smile:

32ah lipo 6s and the lunch bag is great to keeping my lipo room temperature :joy::joy:

Hah I suppose u get enough range in snow time thenā€¦

Yes about 25 km