Mountainboard, brushless or brushed with lithium?

Hello there,

I’m building a full custom mountainboard (sort of skatey800 sized). The mechanics are ready, the electronics are the next project. when its finished i will post some photo’s. I did some research, but one point is not clear to me. Maybe someone can explaine the difference to me.

Almost all the builds I read about are using 2 brushless motors with aprox 2500W, which is in total of 5000Watts. For example the skatey800 is using 1 brushed motor of 800W and is still very powerfull, and reaches (by specs) a topspeed of 30km/h. Why is one brushless with 2500W motor than not powerfull enough to power the electric mountainboard? Because the power is more than twice the brushed motor.

I have enough space for placing one bigger brushed motor on my board, and can mount the brushed motor directly on my chain gear. If i choose brushless, I need to make a new gear system, and need probably 2 gears, and two motors. This could be a reason to choose for 1 brushed motor from about 800/1000watts, and combine it with lithium batterys. for example 2x5s batterys and have 37,5V.

What is the big difference, why have 2500w brushless motors not enough power?

(the system including a person will be ± 110 kg, a top speed of 20km/h and range of 10km is a guideline.)


Brushless motors are more powerful and one of the reasons people use two is to avoid unwanted steering on the side which the motor is driving the wheel and putting torque to the ground.So to counteract that steering most builds run two so that they cancel each others steering out, also having two motors distributes the load on each so the heat is less and the torque of two is better than one.


Let’s say I mount a 800Watt brushed motor of 36Volts. What kind of Lipo accu do I need to reach a range of 10 a 15 km? 10s will give 37V, will 5000mAh have enough power or do I need more?

I could probably give you some answers, but I have not done a range test yet on mine.

A good chinese AT skateboard with brushed motor and a basic ESC, and three tons of lead-acid batteries underneath. I just changed the tyres for more road-type version, and I replaced the batteries with a 10S4P Li-ion with BMS. Before touching the motor and the ESC, I connected the new battery to the existing system. As the voltage is similar I did not see why it would not work. And it does! But as I said I have not tried the range yet. Before I would do around 8k, so I would expect a bit more now.

Hi Janssen I myself are going through the process of my first mountain board build, I bought a 43cc petrol powered mountain board over ten years ago and has been sitting in my garage for the last 7 untouched. The motor was all ceased up and I have been seeing more and more electric boards on the market. So I have decided to pull the old petrol motor off and convert it to an electric. It would be easiest for me to put on a 36v dc 800watt scooter motor, everything I read advises against the ebay ESC’s and I cant find a wireless controller that is rated more than 20Amps with a single brushed motor. Can you please let me know how you went about it and what you used.


I think you will find that most electric mountain boards run 2-4 motors capable of at least 3000W each.

If you are happy to just putt around on a single 800W then sure, go for it, but most people want to be able to conquer all of the terrains and for that you need more power.

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