Mountainboard how to mount focboxes

Hey guys does someone know a cheap solution to mount my focboxes on a Trampa Deck? I want to put them like common on the back where the motors are.

My thoughts were making a plate out of metal and mount it where the screws for the trucks are on the top, maybe there is sth I can buy, too. I only can find 3d printed enclosures but I dont think they are stable enough just lookin good. Jeah thanks for any help!

Love mine

What @Skunk linked just to be recommended. Something better you can’t get I think, but I love my 3D printed one…cheap and in PETG they work pretty good. image image

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Something like that is what Iam looking for! Sadly the enclosures are sold out. Does someone know something simular?

It will be back in stock in several weeks :slight_smile:

i have one I was planning to sell. never seen the streets since changed enclosure type heatsink