Mountainboard single motor (dual in the future), best motor option?

Hi, I decided to start building my mountain board with a single engine configuration, and then adding a second engine in a V2. Given this, which motor do you recommend me? Size and KV.

Any other advise or recommendation on any other aspect of the construction is more than welcome.


Low kv… High battery S, It is hard to give advice on this as all parts are a balancing act together, the classic would be 12s, around 150kv and a RC car esc,… but Vesc6? budget? what you doing for a mount? As they say in gaming … GLHF :grin:

30c would be enough? I do not understand the last part of your comment, my English is very limited.

I would be willing to buy a vesc6, maybe FOCBOX if I had the certainty that it is suitable for what I intend to build.

I understand that my other option is FVT 120 12S - ‘Sleeping Lion’, will the braking be good?

What inclines me to choose a Vesc is the safety in the braking, so it is important that if I choose another option, it has similar characteristics in the aspect of braking.

At first I do not look for a great acceleration or speed, I will get to that point when I make the V2, if I look for a decent speed, safety in braking and good torque.

Maybe the new 125kV turnigy motor from hobbyking? It has sensors so great for startup torque. Sealed so rock can’t go inside the motor.

I got the motor right now and it’s very silent, powerful and well built.

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Is not it too small? in that size I have seen that people speak very well of the big foot heel 160 5335, but it seems to me a very small motor.

This isn’t a small motor :smile: It’s 63mm diameter and 55mm long so I shouldn’t say it’s a small motor

The left motor is my 50mm diameter motor and it just looks tiny next to the orange motor.


I thought the reference in the name “5035” indicated the size of the engine, so this engine is not 5335? Bigfoot160-5335-245Kv

I actually don’t know anything about those ‘‘5335’’-numbers. I only look to the kv rating, diameter, max amps/power/voltage. Yeah I have heard about that motor but isn’t the kv rating to high?

Yes, it can be a very high kv, but it seems better motor in terms of numbers, can the high kv be solved with a different ratio in the transmission?

I would recommend sk3 6374 149kv with 12s. If you can get censored ones, that would be recommended. Focbox would be sufficient enough but if budget is not an issue, then vesc 6. But then again if budget is not an issue, go dual right away. I did what you’re trying to do, mono drive. It was disappointing, it’s ok if you don’t plan to go offroad.

Mostly I want to be able to run on dirty roads, not the mountain, maybe some gravel and dirt (like parks paths). I am almost convinced to choose the Sleeping Lion, it cuts the budget quite well, I also understand that the Vesc have little power for e-mtb. Do you think the turnigy engines are of better quality than the Tacon?

I actually don’t know anything about those ‘‘5335’’-numbers.

That probably are stator dimensions :wink: I must say I didn’t know this motor was so big, nice pic with 50mm motor size comparizon.

Where are you located?

Madrid (Spain)

Do you already have the trucks, mounts…

And do you have an estimated budget?

Yes, tomorrow I will see this table to buy second hand. 145€, seems like a good price, right?

About budget, i started with the idea of putting whatever Chinese motor to my current longboard, to start on eboards build, and now I want to build a mountainboard, the budget is growing every day, so it is flexible.

Can’t say anything about the board, I couldn’t see much(

I would say get 2 FOCBOX’s from @okp

And 2 motors from @JLabs

As well as the remote and kindly ask him to perhaps put a second receiver for you for free)


Thanks @BoostedBuilder , but I think choosing the most expensive of the most used components is the easy and expensive way, my idea is to look for a good value for money.

Sure @Nicoalix

I’m making an order from this guy and he also sells these:

I don’t know if they are tested but the price is what you want I guess, they are senosred, and seem very powerful so you can try going that route!!

But I would still recommend using FOCBOX’s!!