Mountainboard spares motherload £50 ebay find UK SOLD

Just found this rather mad “UK” deal on ebay while hunting for old and new skatey things! :smile:

This is something maybe some of you might find a bargain or worth the punt and as thus, i thought it worth while sharing.

TBH it’d be worth the price for just the no-sno trucks

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Def a bargain there for someone, more so if your local to or in Gloucestershire. .

SOLD Someone bagged a bargain.

Daamn right. Would have been me if I was just several thousand miles closer. The mountain board market seems to be much more active in the UK than the US.

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I wonder if someone on this forum picked up that lot. If so, might be some willing buyers here for some of the extra parts.

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I would have gone for it myself as the post cost would have been probz £40 max but, im looking for a hardly used, looks new MBS or Trampa at a silly price.

I’m kinda looking for someone on Ebay or Gumtree who doesnt know what they are selling or is not bothered about price and just wants rid of it, a few weeks back i just missed out on a good as new MBS Comp 95 Birds with breaks and safety gear for £150 delivered, missing out on that one broke my thrifty little heart ::broken_heart:

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@Nemesis I feel your pain, but be patient and keep looking. You’ll get another chance. I too let a nearly brand new Comp 95 slip past me a few months ago for around $190, and have been kicking myself ever since. A kiteboarder rode it once or twice and decided he was too old, so he sold it, knowing he was giving someone a great deal.

Cut to 2 weeks ago, and I came across another kiteboarder selling his barely used Comp 95 Birds, because of a motorcycle injury, and I scooped it up for $200 shipped. Got it last week, and literally not a scratch on it; just a trace of dirt in the treads. Still can’t believe it is so pristine for the price. :astonished:

So, good luck, and keep an eye out for those kiteboarders, and their smoking hot deals. Might find an obscure deal on a kiteboard forum or a search for kiteboards.

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