Mountainboard tires unbalanced, not round

So I made my own electric mountainboard. I used and MBS Colt 90. I rode it for many kilometers without any problems.

But the wheels are very unbalanced. I balanced them with weights and that improved the riding experience a bit, but the tires are also not round at all.

Here’s a video of one of the wheels. All of of them are pretty much the same.

I can go up to 20km/h quite comfortably but I can feel the wobbles almost constantly at any speed. Is this normal? Is there a way to make them more round?

I inflate them to 3 BAR.


“Last but not least, if your vibes are being caused from an out of round tire, the beads will not counter balance such a defect. They may help slightly, but ultimately you’ll need to swap out the tire for a good one to fix the issue. Don’t waste your beads and time trying to fix such a condition.” (

So no solution 4 u. :frowning_face:

3 bar = 43.5 psi… max psi for T1’s is 50psi, even heard of people going at 35 psi.

but id agree with…

if you mess around with it for more than an hour you just lost working for an hour to have $$ to replace… so think of time spent vs. replacement

Had same tyres, same problem, switched them for trampa treads. Then put about 3 grams of ceramic beads into the innertubes. Nice and smooth now.

holy crap that is some dodgy ass quality.

Might be too late, but did you try to contact the company that sold you this? Its really horrible.

Just to say that it can be the inner tube that cause that…I had the same issue on 1 tire on my bajaboard. Had to play flat it and check the position of the inner tube, and so on and now it’s all good.

It’s almost a year since I bough it, but I just looked and the shop says 24 months warranty. Not sure how they would feel about my modifications, but I sent them an email anyway. Thanks for the tip.

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