Mounting an enclosure so it can handle board flex?


I’m working on my board now and just put trucks on it, and there’s a decent amount of flex when I ride it. How can I mount an enclosure so it doesn’t snap when I step on and the board bends? Maybe some longer holes for the bolts so they can move around?

Thanks! Adam

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If the flex isn’t much,you can try the compression springs, but I recommend 2 parts enclosure for the flexible decks.


Hmm, hadn’t thought of that.

So maybe just use two enclosures, one towards the back (for ESC, Rx, etc.) and one up front (for batteries and switches and things)? It doesn’t flex as much in those areas as it does in the very middle. I might still use some springs though just in case!

Quick sloppy image drawn on my iPhone. My thought is have one end where you just drill your screws or bolts or whatever into then the other end has slots. The slots would still keep the enclosure attached however they would allow for sliding when the board has an increase in curvature and tries to stretch the enclosure.

That’s more along the lines of what I was thinking. Thanks so much for your help! Can’t wait to finally get to the point where it’s time to mount the enclosure :stuck_out_tongue:

This guy’s build, flexible deck, BB style.

@whitepony had an interesting idea with the use of something like an expansion nut in his older builds. He can probably give you some insight. Here’s his tesseract on endless-sphere in the meantime:

He describes the use of his expansion nut-like thing to work in this sort of fashion. I’d imagine this would only work for minimal flex though:

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when I mount an enclosure on a flexy board I just use the ikea plastic enclosure ala @Michaelinvegas. they flex quite nicely with the board.

Did u paint it?

nah it was on a white board so it worked nicely.

Hello @adboio, what enclosure are you going to mount?

Once I put my Lipos in a tupperware box and mounted the tupperware box to my board using two bolts and inserts into the deck. The bolts were not at the corners of the tupperware but in the middle (see picture above, where the arrows are).

Still holding up nicely and it’s a pretty flexy deck too.

Haven’t actually decided on an enclosure, but I was thinking I should figure out how to mount it before I went and bought/made one lol. As this is my first board and I just want to make sure I can get it to WORK, the tupperware box idea actually sounds good to use for a while. Thanks!

Just use ABS and mold it out of .090 if your board is really flexy. If not use .125

The abs will flex with your board. Another thing you could do is either an enclosure split in the middle or 2 separate enclosures.

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My first board was done quick and dirty, single drive using a full kit from one of the established vendors, Lipos in a tupperware box. And it’s pretty ugly with tape and velcro.

Not a lot of innovation, but I was up and riding pretty soon. Then I learned and the next builds got more and more advanced.

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