Mounting components to decks

hey guys, i havent been able to find a thread on this particular topic so here goes. How does everyone mount their components to their decks? I know Velcro is a good option but I want to know everyone’s opinion. Cheers

I mount my batteries to the deck using battery straps from HobbyKing, very cheap and simple. I screw one end to the deck, pull it across the battery tightly and then screw down the other side. The extra bit of strap is handy for tucking in balance leads. imageimage

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aren’t you afraid that something will break…?

I use velcro, the strongest stuff. It holds well enough I can almost pick up the board by the battery. The only issue I’ve had is the velcro ripping off the blue wrap on the battery because the adhesive is stronger than the shrinkwrap lol.

dude an enclosure of any kind is a must my enclosure is holding all my components and everything is pressed so nothing moves around, but everyone here will tell you to attach all the components to the deck and then an enclosure over it with some wood inserts

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I build all the components into the enclosure myself


So if built into the enclosure then that means the enclosure needs a top and a bottom and they are attached to each other like a married couple

naw, you just need a fiberglass, CF or CF wrapped enclosure to hold the weight of all the components. It will mount the same way as a normal enclosure would mount.

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@mmaner 20180807_213700 i know it looks massive but just hollup I’m putting a bms and switch in there and they’re thinner than the batteries so i wanted to know how to hold them steady

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I use both of these to pad my components…

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Exactly what I’m using. Sweet

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@Acido who said I’m not using an enclosure? The question was how do you mount things to the deck imageimageimage


looked like that’s just how you left it hahahah

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i use this stuff, one side on deck, the other on the component. it’s backed with that 3m adhesive, the same stuff they use on gopro mounts, stuff is nearly indestructible.

then use various lengths of foam between the components and enclosure to fill and gap and also get some compression.

i learned from psycho that the abs encloure flanges are not strong enough to carry the load of a battery and everything else. so it’s better to mount to the deck and just use the enclosure as a cowl.

but as mmaner mentioned, if CF or FG, these are strong enough to just carry all the components.

i still mount it against the deck tho.

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My “enclosure” 0807181453a_HDR 0807181453_HDR Waterproof too!

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Have my stuff in 3D printed enclosures that are bolted to the board. Works well but I baby it, used tpu for some of the parts, if used as antishock/vibration pads that works well, but is very rubbery so not great if you need something to be rigid or holding its shape with weight inside. I just have a vesc, receiver, and Bluetooth module in one box and two lipos in removable 3d printed trays (I’m always tweaking things though, that’s a never ending WIP).


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that dynamite sticker :heart_eyes:

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Hey, newbie here trying to figure out to mount components to the bottom of the deck. How would you go about putting screws from the bottom side of the deck? Is there an alternative where screws wouldn’t be needed, or would I eventually have to use screws for an enclosure?