Mounting dual sealed 6355 on standard 180mm trucks

So, I’ve got two sealed 6355 170kv motors that appears to be almost 61mm long due to the axle knob on the back of the motor.

With standard 180mm Caliber II’s there isn’t enough room for both motors. I’ve done 3d-printed versions of the enertion mount and shaved of a couple mm’s by going from 12mm wide pulleys to 9mm wide, but it isn’t enough unfortunately.

Are my only options wider hangers or doing an axle extension of my current trucks?

yupp thats the problem with that style motor. they do look nice tho.

diagonal is always an option… or different motors…

A emailed maytech about those damned nubs. Their engineers said they couldn’t be removed. But the more i look at the ones on my motors, i think they could be. I’m thinking of taking a belt sander to them for science. Maybe they’re a bit excessive on these motors too.

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I like your style. The gentlemen solution would be accepting defeat and try to find wider trucks. The Skatan approach is to go to town on them with power tools. If you decide to do it, please post your progress.

Hail Skatan!


Have you tried sanding them since then? lol

Also interested in what you found out about this. How do the sealed motors compare to the open 6355’s you have?

I wish we had a truck size in between the TB218 and caliber II.

you can flip on of the mounts if your mounts can be flipped. I did it with mine in the dual rear diagonal orientation

You mean one mount is mounted fwd and one aft? Then I can’t use the kicktail, and my brain does not like the asymmetrical look :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

One under the board and one sticking out the back. Also I was unaware of a kick tape. What would you be using the kick tail for on the electric board. I think you are asking for trouble poping up curbs on an electric board

Where did you end up with this? You end up using wider trucks?

I was thinking the same first, but its practical to pop it up and also be able to change direction. But I guess I could live without. A tiny kicktail fits eboards nicely I think.

You wont be able to change direction because your motors will still spin the same direction. If it is turning your talking about you just lean or slide depending on the speed you are cornering at and how hard of a turn your are taking

It is not turning I am talking about, but change of direction in tight spaces, while coasting. Anyways, I see why some like it and some think its not needed