Mounting electronics question

I plan to use velcro to adhere my Battery, FOC Box, and remote reciever to the bottom of my wood long board. an enclosure will go over that… Do I need to put anything else on the board to disipate the heat? I was thinking of lining the bottom with some kind of thermal tape? Is it necessary? Will it still work if the velcro is between the tape and coponents or battery?

Thanks for your help -


Are you running a single or dual drive? Do you like in the heat or is it cold where you are. I have found that on my MTB in the heat my FOC boxnwill hit the temp cuttoff

Running a single 6374 190kv motor using a 10S2p battery. I am in Philadelphia, hot in the summer cold in the winter…

All my electronics are velco fixed to the deck side of my enclosure and I haven’t experienced any heat issues so far and I live in Queensland Australia. I don’t ride for really long trips though, probably max 15ks and this makes a huge difference. Velcro is the absolute bom as far as I’m concerned. Holds tight and provides cushioning against vibration. awesome for urethane builds. Just use a good quality 3m or similar.

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