Mounting Pulley onto Wheel

Hello all! I got this motor kit: Basically, I want to know how I would drill the holes and install the big pulley to the wheel with this kit. I don’t want to buy flywheels if possible! More importantly, how would i center the pulley when drilling holes? I dont know if I’ll be able to find a replacement belt, and I wouldnt even want to have to buy one! Thank you!

Don’t buy that set. It’s htd3m belt system. Wast of money. It’s pretty easy to drill through the wheels but it do it perfectly is hard. Use putty to glue the gear to the wheel, put it in the skateboard truck and spin it to make sure it is centered. Once centered use a marker to mark the screw holds then use a drill press to drill holds.

Again don’t use that set. Wast of time and money. Spend the $20 and buy a flywheel clone.


could you maybe link me to a good set or list of parts that has the belt, small and big pulley, and the actual mount? thank you!

DIYElectricSkateboard has a mechanical kit that has all of that. You will need flywheels or kegels though. You can buy flywheel clones on eBay for about $20

Belt pulley kit