Mounting with double sided tape

Hi guys wanted to share something with you and have your opinion . I’m currently in the process of making an enclosure (in a 3D printer most likely) but for the last 2 months since I built the board, I’ve been using this super strong mounting double sided tape just as a temporary solution and I didn’t think that it would work this well with my heavy battery (10s4p). This thing hasn’t moved a mm for 2 months of riding and know I’m rethinking if I even need a normal enclosure to replace this. What do you guys think?

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Eventually the adhesive will wear off due to vibrations. I’d use bolts and threaded inserts if you want to be really safe. But hey, see how long it lasts and report back if you want to continue with it. FOR SCIENCE!

I will! :sweat_smile:In the meantime it looks really good and I think it will last like 6 months easily. It can turn out to be an alternative for those who don’t want to mess up their board with holes.

How do you get in to your enclosure though? Surely you’d have to replace the tape each time you opened it up for whatever reason?

The top part slides out . The tape is just for some extra security

It’s made out of a gutter I sawed​:joy::joy:

I think you’re asking for trouble here. Why not industrial velcro if you aren’t going to use bolts ? Velcro fastens more with vibrations unlike tape which loosens ?

you can velcro the bottom then bolt a ring or hook to cross long velcro this will hole forever and can be removed.

It was just supposed to be a temporary setup until I build the enclosure … just left it there cause I had a little funding issue with carbon fiber :sweat_smile: