MOV-E Integrated Decks Group Buy

Hi Finally I’m starting long awaited Group Buy. Those decks are in development since Nov 2017 and you can see the progress in this thread as find some detailed informations.

Decks are made from Birch plywood and Oak veneers. It’s a 3 stage process which was quite complicated to figure it out. It took a lot of time and money to get to this stage. There are two versions. First one is a symmetrical design and second is a kick tail version. Decks will be coated with 2 layers of polyurethane matte varnish. Lid is made from tekstolite but it might change.

Battery/electronics compartment is identical in both versions with following dimensions - 550x140x23mm (21mm+2mm sealing)

No Kicktail version 150 euro nokick%20gb dim1

Kicktail version 160 euro kickgb dim2

I’ll also make available a file of riser that helps with wire routing and switch/charge port installation. I’m trying to produce it on CNC but can’t find a good price for now. riser2 riser

Form is open for about two weeks from today :wink:

Thank you!


Filled in :slight_smile:


Keeping my eye on this, not sure yet :stuck_out_tongue:


How does cable routing from inside to outside the deck work? Can you post some more pics of finished internals, etc?

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This is a tough choice. A deck I can carry by the trucks, versus a useful kick tail.


@LukePL is the deck pressed to its concave before cnc’ed or just cnc’ed stright from a flat ply wood? And also can you take more pictures of your prototype inside and out?

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There are three compartments? If so could you Label it with the dimensions?

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Here are some pictures, one is with the cable routing (I assume)
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Whats the timeline on this? Is shipping included in the price? More pictures? What are the risks with this production? What happens if you cant deliver? Whats the maxload(kg) on these boards? If I want both, is there a discount?

Looks great, just needs abit more info :slight_smile:


Wow I hope I can keep up with all of you :slight_smile:

@sofu check the link that pasted and just have those pics at the moment. IMG_20190116_222741 IMG_20190116_223020

@Winfly it’s flatcave/gaspedal shape and it’s cnc’d from flat plywood. Please be more specific what do you want to see and I’ll take those pictures tomorrow.

@DeathCookies One big compartment with dimensions in first post.

@linsus a lot of good ones :slight_smile:

  • please open the form and there’s some kind of estimation
  • no it’s not included because you all are in different parts of the world so I need to check all that and that is why I’m asking about country in the form
  • I’ll try to do some more. Ideally I would like to show finished board but mine is always in prototype because I need to check different options with it. I might finish my son soon and will post that for sure.
  • the biggest risk is company that is doing cnc job but like I said before it’s a third or fourth one and this one is good
  • my initial plan was to finance it 100% but development took a lot of money and I’m still able to do it but that would freeze my other projects so I decided to collect money for some part of the whole production. I took my time to be sure that I can deliver but if something happen I’ll refund everyone and just cancel my other projects. Payment through PayPal and I’m not asking for F&F.
  • heaviest person that ride on it was around 100kg. I have one friend that is 140kg and I’ll try to do destruction test with him and one of the prototypes. I couldn’t break it and I have tried to do it on purpose.
  • I think it’s possible :wink:

I’d personally like to see some pictures showing the concave better, if possible

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Personally, I like the shape and size but not so much of the choice of wood. Milling a flat cross grain ply for that concave edge makes it really easy to chip. If I were going to buy one, I will have to coat it and paint it. also not a big fan of that ply showing on the top. I will wait till you finish your son’s before deciding if I like it.


And that is why I’m waiting for prototype with veneers laminated from top and bottom. I think it’s doable without increasing the cost :slight_smile:


How’s it going? Are we 20 yet?


Holy crap! I didn’t even realize you made a new thread :open_mouth: lemme go back and get all caught up on this.


Just filled the form as well. My brother’s gonna love this! :slight_smile:


@visnu777 we are half way :slight_smile:

@landonkun thanks, this reminded me that I should put a link in the old thred

@rusins thank you! I’ll try to do my best with the risers :wink:

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The riser pads might not be worth the hassle, when these exist:


They are great! My idea is to have a switch and charge port in it. Also when I make front one in aluminium I can put high power LED in it and it will act as heatsink.