Moving from GTX to Lacroix

Hi im looking at moving from the Evolve GTX to the Lacroix any promo codes out there so soften the $2650 price tag ?

Send me your old GTX and I’ll knock a few hundred off the LaCroix price tag :stuck_out_tongue:


Its a thing of beauty that lacroix and actually good value if you live in the states. If I wanted one it would run me nearly $5000 with import duties and exchange rates etc. Theres only one in the country right now.
The brothers are on the forum my friend and are good people. I’m sure they would help you out with a code if you asked. Can’t remember the tags though but look at the Lacroix group buy thread and you’ll find them.

GTX is sold im afraid buddy lol

Im in the UK will have a search for them see what i can find.

Dont suppose you know if they do a military discount do ya ?

@pat_arch is one of the brothers I believe?

@pat_arch @arch

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