Moving to Sweden need to sell extras

Hello E-skate community, with a bitter sweet feelings I have to sell all the extras that I bought for eskate. When I got into this I went all in I bought 4 motor vesc combos batteries mounts etc and I need to offload everything I’m not going to take with me. Let me know what you want I live in southern California and can deliver or ship anywhere.

9 - 4s 3000 mAh lipo - 15/ea 6 - series adapters with xt60 free if you buy something else 2 - vesc ollin board w/heatsinks and can-bus - 378 2 - 6355 motors 80/ea 2 - 6374 motors 80/ea (only selling on set of motors) 2 - diy v4 motor mount 250 -13/36 & 8 belts 1 - diy antispark veder on/off switch 60 1 - winning remote - 40 1 - 37 in drop through deck - 40 44 degree caliber trucks - 49 50 degree caliber trucks - 49 (only selling one set)

Will sell everything for 1200 obo

Let me know what you think

I will be taking whatever set I don’t sell to Sweden to finish my build there.

Nothing is used except the trucks and wheels that got a few hundred yards of bombing the hill outside my house.

Thanks for all the help and inspiration I got from this forum life just got in the way of my first build but I’m looking forward to continuing this adventure in a new place.


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Dude just send this stuff to yourself…you ain’t moving to the South Pole


Haha well I bought 4 of everything and I kinda need the money so this is all the extras I dont need to complete a whole board or two if I make each with a single motor. I went a little overboard

When are you moving to to Europe? I could buy a VESC off you :smiley:

Are the wheels for sale?

Welcome to Sweden :grinning::+1:


I would be interested by one of your mounts but If I got it correctly, it would be 125$ ?

Sorry I think the math was wrong on that I’ll let a kit go for 100 + shipping (mount and abec drivewheel kit) 13/36 gearing

Yeah I’ll sell the wheels say 80 + shipping?

Which city in Sweden are you moving to?

Moving to Stockholm


There is a really nice place you can use to finish your build :wink:

How much for shipping? And assume $80?

I’ll buy the full ride for a grand.

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I paid 113 with shipping I’ll let them go for 100 and I’ll ship them

I’ll take that, what motors do you want? 6355 or 6374? And which Trucks 44degree or 50degree

6355 . 44 deg

good idea. i think i may move to Sweden too… the way these elections are going.


I’m in Texas. I’d prefer ups ground with tracking, but I’ll work with ya if it’s easier elsewhere.

Wheels too? I kinda pulled the trigger fast :blush:

I would be interested in just a mount if it’s possible maybe?