mt60 connector, how do you feel about them?

I could see these on your raptors. I’m sure it’s eaiser than bullet conmectors. Unless your motors already come with them

I like them, nice and clean. Get it right the first time because they are a pita to solder


This is awesome ! Do I understand it correctly that thanks to these connectors there is no need to solder anything ?? I put three vesc big cables in this connector and on the other side I stick the motor bullets in it. Is that right ?


Did this work?

I bought MT60 in black will try them out as I am bit tired of bullets, for longboard current consumption it should be more than enough

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its weird that this thread came back to life. I’m starting to use these on my deck-to-esc connections. Still using bullets on my deck-to-motor connections.

I will use on motor to case when back to bullet to esc, I had enough of times than one phase wire gets disconnected but that’s I guess not an issue for like deck mounted bullets or etc. But I think MT60 is more than enough for our loads, as we don’t pull more than 60A longer than to melt plastic or etc… I mean look at focbox wires :smiley:

I’ve seen this connectors before and aren’t they used by Evolve? I took mine apart yesterday and they look very similar. @longhairedboy can you confirm? Another good option;


Evolve is using MT30s IIRC. They’re definitely smaller than MT60s.

There look like they may be pretty useful.

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Those look nice but looking at the name I assume it can only handle 30amps we need at least 60amp connectors.


damn you was faster 5sec… wanted to link it too :joy:


Oh yeah, i linked the wrong one. Meant the mr60 lol