MT60 Panel Mount (3D Printed)

Hey guys, i was looking for an elegant solution for my motor connections and i didn’t like any of the ones out there, so i decided to make an adapter for MT60 to be able to panel mount it. I thought i would share it here in case someone is interested in using this.


Cool! :metal:t3:


I have been looking for these!

@chinzw Thanks for doing this. I printed these out and was piecing them together with the MT60s. The thing I was curious about is that you lose half of the plug length… From the plate that slides on the male?. right? It is pretty snug so I dont think it would come off but wondering if it is going to effect the amperage rating.

Considering putting the female mounted to the enclosure so it can utilize the full length of the plug. I might have to shave away some of the plate to make it fit or disregards the plate altogether and epoxy plug to 3d printed base.

Hey Cody, there’s two different adapter plates, holder A_INTERNAL and A_EXTERNAL, you should only use one of these, not both. I designed it so you only loose about 1mm of engagement. The plug is still very snug, and i haven’t seen any issues so far.

Thanks for feedback @chinzw. I’m only trying to use the internal. Maybe I’m using it wrong. See image below. Looks like I’m roughly losing half the way I have it setup. It could be that it should slide further back 2mm or so?
Update: This seems to be the case. I’m going to try and shave some of the larger inner ring a bit to see if i can get it to slide down further. !IMG_5193

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Hmm, that doesn’t seem right. But let me take a look when i get home, the flange part should go over the non engaging part of the plug. Its probably your 3d printer, these parts are designed to fit very snug.

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I agree - it is probably the printer… it seems to be going down further now that i shaved some of the inner wall off… I just gained 1mm. So I have 5.8mm instead of 4.8mm to plug into.

woow amazing work, really love it