MTB / ATB Motor Mount and Trucks [Trampa etc]

Hey Guys,

i’m slowly but surely turning crazy.

Its still my first try on a DIY board but i can’t for the love of God find any suitable Motor Mounts that aren’t as expensive as all parts that i bought so far.

If i go for Trampa i sit at 700€+ Only for Trucks, Motor Mounts and Wheels. That would kill my budget.

Thats basically all i need. Trucks Motor Mounts (Wheel Pulleys,Belts etc.) Wheels I’m thinking about buying a used Mountainboard deck and adding the Motor Mount…

As far as Motor mounts, i’d like something like this c6aa8883a4fc101246d3a28f7ac8686d_720x

Do you have any recommendations? Would be great if the Shop is inside the EU.

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I have parts laying from a carver

I’ll shoot you a dm

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