Mtb deck wanted

WTB trampaboard or kaly deck if anyone has one please let me know…

WTB trampaboard deck only

Where are you from? EU? US? DPRK???

what type…? Come on dude :eyes:

Hs11 or holypro…sorry was on a plane. Australia

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Looks like I’ll have to buy new then…

I’m looking for a deck don’t mind if it is been used or not . preferably mtb.



How much

Condition etc…

Dude, you gotta stop. 3 topics for the same thing…it’s pretty obvious your not gonna get a response until lay out what you want. Used/New, price, etc. Or just go to Trampa’s website and buy one.


Yea sorry bout that but it did work i think I’ve found one…

If you bought one let @mmaner know and he can close this thread

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Australia how much depends on the condition and model yea…

Yes I will when confirmed

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I found a board and it’s on its way to me so can you please close this post