MTB Inf. + HS11 vs MTB Inf + Urban Carver vs Mini Inf. + Urban Carver

God morning!

I’m in progress of ordering parts for my first build and I’m having trouble deciding what deck and trucks to go with. The build will be used mainly for urban riding on roads but it would be cool to have an option to traverse an heavy-packed dirt road or so. Other specs will include 12S4P mounted underneath, 2x 6374, Foxboxes if not recommended othervise.

Here are the current deck/truck options i was thinking about:

  1. Trampa Infinity/Vertigo with HS11 Deck
  2. Trampa Infinity/Vertigo with Urban Carver Deck - This is the combo I think should fit my needs best but I’m quite noob. I believe the wider trucks should provide more stability but I’m worried about turning. Right now I’m owning an Wowgo and if the turning rate is about the same I’ll be fine.
  3. Trampa Inifnity/Vertigo MINI with Urban Carver Deck.

What are your opinions? Cheers!

I definitely like the wider trucks more. You also have more clearance to upgrade to 8“ in case one day you want to. If you want a tight turning radius go with etoxx elastomers

@Andy87 Thank you for you answer! Jepp, I have the same feeling towards these trucks.

How much difference in agility will be between HS11 and Urban Carver? Any clues @trampa ?

Both boards feature an inner and outer spring position and you can mount the Trampa Barrels (elastomer spring) or Steel Springs on both of them. Both can be set to be very very agile. The Carver is shorter, less wide and uses less wide trucks, and that helps a bit to lean the board even further into a turn. To answer your question: The Holy Pro or HS11 deck in combo with the wider MTB trucks can be set into carve mode if wanted.

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Thanks! Do you believe that the larger MTB trucks would work well paired with the Urban Carver deck?

They would work, but foot you foot would sit closer to the wheels, since the wheel base is shorter on the carver. In addition to that 8" wheels are bigger and the wider trucks swing the wheels around further. There is a reason why the carve is designed the way we designed it.

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