MTB Trampa set choice

Help me please. My brain is on fire!) I’m still in a great choice. I choice Trampa HolyPro 200mm whells mountain. VESC 4 But! Which motor and battery to choose and gear? Turnigy SK3 twin motor 245kv 10s Li-Po 192kv 12s Li-Po Gear 15/66 or 13/66 ???

Give your recommendations and share your experience if someone used it and felt it

I wouldn’t use 12S with VESC 4.12. What esc are you going to use?


What’re you mainly planning to use this board for? I’ve just ordered myself a Trampa for a new build and am still in the process of deciding on the rest of the parts.

Unless you’re planning on riding it mostly on the road or are going 4WD, VESC 4 probably won’t have enough grunt.

I want two motors. and it will be used in the city or off-road without hills.

If you’re not worried about hills you might be able to get away with VESC 4. I would stick to 10S but drop the motor kv a fair bit. This is a handy site Do you know specifically which VESC you’re planning to use?

I woudl go for a single drive in that case and stick to VESC SIX. You don’t really need a twin for urban usage and riding on trails. Please also considre that two motors drain up to 120A and you will need a massive battery. To keep it light and usable I am a big fan of single motor builds.


I have that VESC collections/featured-items/products/torque-esc-vesc-bldc-electronic-speed-controller

very expensive price to afford it :frowning:

Not a big fan of single drive builds personally. Although you may still be able to produce a lot of power with the right hardware, you lose a lot of traction only having one drive wheel which is likely to be more of an issue with off road boards