Mucho Moko | Jaseboard Moko | TorqueBoards 218mm | Dual Psychotiller/Maytech Sensored 6374 190kv | 12s6p 30q | Dual FocBox

Hey, this will be my first electric board build. I’ve been esk8ting for two years on my Boosted v2. However I need a way to include my daughter’s and wife so I thought why not another board so I can have someone to ride with. It’s been about four years since I’ve touched a brushless motor and ESC (helicopters and foam wings), so I’ve had to ask some questions and do some reading to remember stuff. I’m also very much into motorcycles and dirtbiking or rather anything that moves with a motor… I’m currently living on the North Shore of Oahu. My roads are 90% flat and well paved until you find some roads heading up the mountains then it gets steep quick.

About the board.

I picked up four boards when we moved to Hawaii. I have two of these. I’ve fit myself and three kids on one at the same time. It’s a big board with a little flex to it. I should have plenty of space for stuff under the board.

Since this wasn’t really a budget build I decided to go dual motor 12s. I’m around 180lbs, but probably closer to 220lbs with all the motorcycle gear and board weight.

So on the 29th of October I went nuts online and ordered parts till my credit card company decided I had way to many PayPal purchases and put a hold on it till I called.

So the parts have slowly started rolling in this week. Enough for me to start the build till my batteries show up.

Current wheels are the black 83mm that come from diy kit. I’ve already ordered (I know their big) 107mm Abec flywheels.

Other bits include mini remote, higher duro barrel bushings for my weight. 16t or 18t motor pulleys. I’m sure I forgot some stuff. BT telemetry, got that as well. I have two 12"x24" kydex sheets to make custom battery and electronics boxes.

Charger is a Protek640 6s/40a/1000w with a 750w power supply

Battery’s… It will be for testing two large 5000mah plus 40c lipos. I’ll be using a wattmeter to determine my actual amp usage at various voltages to determine what type of 12s?p battery to make. Which will probably be 18650s

So questions so far. 1.The motor wires. Only point forward if I don’t want to completely bend them. Maybe deck risers or leave it forward?

  1. How much space between the deck and the motors to account for turning?

  2. Blue loctite okay? (Lots of vibrating parts)

  3. I’ll think of something… Connecting the FOCBOX together. Which plug does it share?

More pictures and questions to come as the rest of the parts come in and I have free time to build this.

Yes, I’m aware this is a big and fast build. Yes I have safety gear for riding. I have four daughter’s and a wife to tell me to be careful so don’t waste your time on me. :stuck_out_tongue:

I am quite busy with work so if I have questions about the build I usually search for the answer but if it takes to long I’ll just ask… So far I’ve seen a lot of good information and already got some good help and I look forward to more.

Also, if it appears I have missed some sort of important parts let me know😬


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The 3rd pic from the bottom look good for clearance. about 2cm is good unless you set your trucks looooose…

blue yes! red won’t come off…

the yellow power plug is shared, you need a parrallel adapter and the bl/red/white is the signal will need a spliter unless you plan to use canbus. (i wouldn’t)…

and you will not touch your boosted again after this… :joy:


Agreed, your boosted will collect dust.

I’d recommend 16T over the 18T if you’re looking to climb any of those steep hills you’ve got.

I’d corroborate with the blue, its very secure.

What I did for motor bite was mount the motor where I thought would be good then had my wife check for clearance when I put all my weight into the lean. If I had ~0.5cm clear then I knew I was good to go. If you don’t have enough ground clearance then I’d suggest a bigger angle and using risers.

Thank you! I should have the board ready for testing by Thursday. Work pending…

Motor wires are JST 1.5mm. FocBox is 2.0mm JST PH. Going to require cutting the sensor wire and swapping the connectors.

Does BLDC tool give you an option to reverse motor direction? I plan to solder the motor wires to the vesc permanently. (Edit. It does not. You have to swap any two motor wires connected to the ESC.)

The aluminum mount for both ESC.

Since I won’t have anything permanently attached I’ve got some long wires for testing amp draw and Watts on some hard accelerations and uphill climbs.

Swapping some motor sensor wires

So I plugged in my module. It connected to my phone no issues. I believe I followed the settings from their page to adjust the BLDC tool. Either way it didn’t show any parameters. I probably messed something up in the settings but after four hours of sleep and 14 hours at work I gave up after one try… More to come. Tomorrow I’m going to properly attach the motor mounts and clean up the motor/ESC wires for the box.

Some more work done today. Took some measurements and threw some loctite on all the threads. Added the half inch risers.

I have to put all my weight on the board edge while bouncing to get it to make contact. Fortunately it only hits the Motor mount.

For some reason one motor sits higher than the other but they are both sitting against the stops of each bracket.

Living in Hawaii means finding thermal paste/grease for my “heatsink” mount means driving an hour. Haven’t done that yet but I wanted to see how it looks.

Also I got the Bluetooth module to work. The settings didn’t save or something.

I used a wimpy 3s battery to do the tests. I can already tell on 12s this board is going to be insane. Also 5" of clearance?? Crazy

I need to rewire the motor sensor wires. I soldered to close to the connector so it’s not very flexible. Better to just cut and do it over right. The only thing I’m really waiting on now are the 97mm wheels and the lipos and wattmeter setup from my friend to get here.

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I’m not getting signal to the other ESC. Only one wheel turning. Just white wire connected. Any ideas where I messed up?

EDIT( Once I connected the black ground wire everything works just fine)

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You need ground to you second foxbox on your ppm wire. Otherwise it won’t be able to determine the signal relative to ground and it’ll just look like like noise to the foxbox. When you split ppm, connect all 3 wires to one foxbox, and connect the white and black only to the second one.

And be sure to cover that solder joint on the white wire with some heat shrink or electrical tape. Have it exposed is asking for a short and remote failure

Thanks. Yeah I had to wait till everything worked before I was going to heat shrink the wires. My batteries arrive today. Some more testing to be done.

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Well. I forgot it’s veterans day. So the board is ready for testing. I have everything sitting on top to include batteries because I haven’t made the Kydex boxes to fit the underside yet. Plus at 48" I think I have room up top for everything at the moment.

I guess the real tests will start happening Monday…

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Max speed 15km on 3s… Perfect for testing…


So, my batteries came on Sunday!! Yay postal service trying to play catch-up.

By the time I finished with the family at the beach, charged batteries, and setup the board it was dark. Perfect time for testing😬

Anyways. This huge board is super smooth on 97mm wheels. Still carves super nice. Turns like a cruise ship with high duro bushings though (97.5).

So I threw on all my motorcycle gear and went outside. So the controller was more touchy than my Boosted board. I wouldn’t call it crazy but a different curve and totally manageable.

I didn’t bother going to the hill by the house. To dark… it’s basically a road that goes up a mountain. Not sure where to…

So after I messed with some acceleration and braking I went out to the side street which is basically empty of cars all the time and freshly paved. Needless to say after two laps checking for anything out of the ordinary I squeezed the trigger till it wouldn’t go any faster. Apparently this is 35mph.

So for never going over 22mph on a board. 35 felt fastish😁.

So I must have hit RPM/kV max because the dead space in the trigger at top speed.

Either way when this board is finished it’s going to be awesome.

Still more to come.

How do I see motor temp? It’s a sensored motor.

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107mm abec 11 flywheels. Will my 36t wheel pulleys from diyelectrics fit? Or will I need longer bolts or something else?

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Happy Birthday to me.


Birthday ride

New bits and pieces arriving. Evolve 107mm Abec 11s showed up. Took them out for a spin. Very impressed. I’m currently trying out 18/36 gears with these monster wheels. On level ground I can now give it full throttle without flying off the board. So the TorqueBoards wheel kit fit fine. No issues with clearance. Only problem/not problem is with 18/36 and my current belt length there is about one mm of clearance on the motor pulley from the huge wheel. Easily fixed with a longer belt but I’m not sure I will keep the super tall gearing yet. I really need to find some hills to drive to since where I live is 99 percent flat.

My 18650 battery setup is still a work in progress. My friend building the pack just had shoulder surgery.