Mud Flaps / Rock Guards

Title says it all. Here’s my first attempt at mud flaps. Front wheels to start, rear wheels to come soon. Tried it out in a dirty/gravel lot and they get the job done. Caught all of the rocks and mud thrown by my wheels. Kept my front leg splatter free.

Supplies (Home Depot / Auto parts store): -Generic mud flaps -Corner braces, small & large

I bent the large corner braces at a 35° angle and secured to deck using front truck bolts with M6 hardware, and wood screws at smaller, rear corner braces. I rolled the mud flaps into a cylinder shape, held it in place with Velcro straps and gently heated on a floor vent in my house to give it a nice curved shape.

Has anybody else tried making mud flaps? If so, let’s see them!


You should try Kydex and a heat gun then put some funky vinyl wrap on them

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Sick fender flares. Just needs some 20 inch BBSs’ and ur good to go :wink:

Really though that’s pretty sweet, it’d be nice to have something similar for street decks.

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Good idea. I’m working on a prototype for for the rear mud flaps that will be one solid piece of thin LDPE (cheap IKEA cutting board). I think I will get some CF vinyl wrap and see how that looks. Got any suggestions for your favorite types or sources for vinyl wrap?

@NickTheDude Thanks! I’d actually like to make my board match my Subaru WRX with a blue deck, fenders and gold wheels, but I have to make it AWD first. $$$ Lol. I do also want to adapt something like these to my drop deck street board. All in time…

Ebay is cheap and easy for what we need and he fake CF helps soften the edges … don’t for get to heat the Wrap with a heat gun after ur done :wink:

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Got the rears done. Fronts look like they’re doing their job judging by the mud splatters from my earlier test runs.


@Mobutusan Your board looks really protected now!

Btw - I just stumbled upon these -

I know they were already mentioned in some threads, I believe, but they just show how good concept it would be to mount the mud flaps on the axle, which is outside of the wheel.

Not saying you should go this route yourself but I will definately consider such mounting option when I gonna build mine :slight_smile:

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