Mudguard thoughts

Been thinking about 3d printing some “mudguards” for the front-wheels of my board. Mostly it would be to keen surface water from kicking up onto my enclosure. Mostly from recent rain, not puddles.

My biggest concern would be from the wheels picking up small stones and having them jam under the guards., potentially locking the wheel up.

Is this a reasonable concern? I’ve had a stone flick up and go into the belt/pulley assembly. Took me a while to figure that out! :slight_smile:

I though one solution would be to make a part of the guard very thin and fragile so that if something should get caught that it would break before breaking me.

I also want to have my guards clip on to the trucks. My trucks (Hobby King, similar to calibre trucks I suspect) have a square cross-section, so I think they would be pretty easy to get the guards to click on.

Thoughts anyone?

i wouldnt worry about ricks and there are a few threads on mudguards… i started with a flexi cutting board which was super funstional but not very cosmetic…i miss them… need to create somthing for my new build asap but from what i hear vibration like most things is the enemy… so it would have to be a bit thicker than usual… I want mine to mount on the trucks as well but need to find a legit file. most the others i saw mounted on the axle… i need more research as well to pick one

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Been riding with mudguards since day one, never had this problem. If you’re worried about getting something stuck in there you can always design some more clearance between the wheel and fender. The most important thing is to make sure that your mudguards are bolted down TIGHT. Since they’re connected at only one, maybe two points to your trucks, they are going to feel a huge amount of vibration.

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Good point re vibrations. Maybe keeping the weight low will reduce issues with vibrations.

Good to hear you haven’t had problems with stones.