Mudguards for orangatang Kegel

Hi i am looking for STL files and experiences of Mudguards for electric longboards?

I use Kegel and paris 180mm trucks

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In this incredible site you can literally find CAD designs for every part of a board imaginable.

I designed a set a little while back.

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Looks good. How did you mount the one on the wheel with the pulley system?

You won’t get wet from the rear wheels. They will always throw the water behind the board.

Well, not entirely true, i am driving my DIY board with speeds up to 53 km/h and my pants were all muddy when i last drove (last december). The front wheels splashed mud in my face and the back wheels splashed mud all over my jeans.

I wouldn’t advise going that fast through water with our without mud guards! Its asking for trouble.