Muir Skate is back!

"Three months have passed since announcing publicly that the closure of Muirskate was inevitable. At that time, this decision made the most sense for our company’s legacy. After a few months of rethinking the game plan, there were reserves left over to help us to reestablish Muirskate. We cleaned up those areas that were unmanageable and/or broken. Today, we can say with confidence that we are back to give it another go with all the best longboarding brands available today! Longboarding is what we know, and we know that we do it right! Our commitment to the Longboarding Community remains the same! We will inspire new skaters, young and old, and challenge those that have moved on! It is especially exciting seeing and hearing friends from the past say they want to get back into it! The future looks bright for longboarding! We don’t want to miss out on it! In fact, we want to contribute to it. We have a few exciting projects in the works under Muirskate 3.0! "

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Holy shit! this is the best news i’ve read all week!

Fuck yes. I order parts from them a LOT. Mostly trucks and bushings and bearings and wheels and shit. You know, everything i don’t make myself or order from china.

Great service and fast arrival.


This was discussed about a mo th ago lots of guys here have known. I talked to Scott myself and told him to check out the forum and to look at some boards like trampa to sell at muirskate to capitalize on the eskate community.

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