Multi-star batteries max output dilemma

Hello, Heres a little backstory. I’m slowly buying parts for my build. The first thing I’ve bought so far is 4 of these:

I know 10c is low for an esk8 but they were 50% off so I bought them. I thought 52amps would be enough for a beginner. BUT after doing more research on these batteries I’ve found some conflicting opinions on them. Some people hate them and some people like them. Many people say they can only do 5c. My build I’m planning is a 12s1p with a 190kv (or lower) 6374 motor. So here’s my question what would be the downside of setting my battery max at to 25 and setting my motor max to 40. I live in an area with the 10% hills and way 60kg if that helps. Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

Edit: I’m planning to go 12s2p in the future (maybe in winter) to allow me more range and to allow me to draw more from the battery.

4C i say! 10char

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if they were cheap then dont worry about them, they probably wont last long either way. Might even get a puffed pack from the get go.

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if you do like described board will be a bit weak, but should actually work just fine. if the batterys go bad you didn’t waste a lot of money at least.

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Thank you for helping out. It’s my first board so being a bit weak will be fine. If they don’t puff I will add in another 12s for 12s2p when they go on sale again. If they puff ill look into some 18650 Samsung 30qs.

I use 6s 8000 mha in 12s1p i’m pulling max 25 amps of These for my 6374 alienpower motor singel driver. This has so far taken me up any hill with next to no voltage sag as far as i have noticed. As said here it wont give any super preformance but will work for a first build.

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I’m using (2) 6,600mah 6S Multistar batteries in parallel. I’ve put about 400 miles on them with no puffing or voltage sag. They have been great.


Hello @Zertax. What kV is your alien motor your using? How are you finding it? (range/speed) Alien power being in the UK seems like a good option for me.

I have a 6374 aps 170 kv motor uncensored and Its working great. Im running it On 12s with 15/36 gearing on 83mm wheels and as said before climbs any hill with the batteries i have. I’ve had no problems with it yet

A battery for 100£ is really cheap Do not have big expectations out of these Since this is your first build even that will be awesome :smiley:

I got them for £36 :slight_smile: it was £10.00 each plus 10% coupon code.

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Looool i spent as much on my screws thats literally free buy another 12s1p

I wish hk would deliver batteries to me :smiley:

Sadly when I realised I should go for another 12s the deal ended but I just found out I was an idiot and bought 5 instead of 4. So I have a spare pack if I screw one up or ill wait for another sale and pick another 3 packs.


I have 2 4s 10 ah multistars in series and I have my battery max at 40 amps, and I’ve been running them for about a year now and they’re still going strong. I get that these aren’t great quality battery’s but they’re a good price and work fine for a single motor/ low power build especially if your trying to keep costs down.

you mean, they still work fine? because they never were “strong” :stuck_out_tongue:

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Got me there :joy:. But seriously they still work great. For me 40 battery amps is plenty “strong” as I’m a pretty light guy.

thats more than most chinese premades got^^

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