Multiple 10s1p 21700

Hi, I’m looking for some batteries for my new build. I found on aliexpress some 10s1P packs with unknown 21700 cells. Each have a BMS rated at 20A I would like to try these batteries and maybe use 2 or 4 in parallel. My guess is discharging wouldn’t be a problem but I’m not sure what to do about charging. Could I connect all the charging cables in parallel and charge all of them at once? The other option would be to disconnect them and charge them individually. If anyone has some advice that would be nice

I also have 2 evolve 10s 7ah batteries and I was also wondering if it’s ok to connect them parallel and also if it’s possible to charge them together…

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Did you try looking for some 10s2p packs? Or however many p you’re after, lol.

Also you could try messaging the aliexpress seller and letting them know what you’re looking for.

There is also a few sellers on Etsy that do custom ebike and e skateboard packs including a BMS.

Good luck with your build.

Thanks for your reply, I’ll try asking the seller… These are pretty cheap and with a 99wh sticker on them I might be able to take the plane with them

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