Multiple BMS Sale EU


I have been buying and trying to find the BMS I need for my setup and have a couple of BMSes that doesn’t fit my setup so I will put them up for sale here. Shipping Fee and import fee to Europe has been paid by me. Pref sold to EU. Shipping is paid by the buyer. Items are never used.

Here are the BMSes for sale: 1x 10S 77A BMS from @ajaynagra group buy… Size: 180x80x15 Bought it for: 30$/25€ Price: 20€ Other info: It came without balance wires but you could easily source those 10 JST connector.

SOLD 1x 10S 150A SuPower Battery BMS Size: 200x100x10/14 Bought it for: 88$/74€ Price: 60€ Other info: The pcb with metal plate has a height of 10mm but the screws on the board are 14mm.(See pictures) Has 3 wires for discharging to support the 150A cont rating. This one comes with balance connector and cables.

SOLD! 1x 12S 80A Bestech (Part Number: HCX-D131) BMS Size: 120x80x25 Bought it for: 39$/33€ Price: 30€ Other info: The one I am selling is still in the ESD-bag unopened. This one comes with balance connector and cables. The cables are already pre tinned! :smiley:

12S 80A Bestech (upside down because why not)

10S SuPower Battery 150A

10S 77A group buy BMS.

Bestech 12S BMS sold

SuPower Battery BMS sold