Multishock trucks by MBS

Can anyone tell me anything about MBS Multishock trucks? I’m in the planning stages of a mountain board (for fun not commute). I’ve been keeping my eyes open for used decks to convert. I’ve come across these older MBS boards a couple of times for dirt cheap. Looks like mid '00s to me.

Does anybody make mounts for these trucks? Is it worth picking up as a start? Id likely end up replacing most of it if I get into this sport enough. But I am hesitant to drop several hundred $ into a new setup.

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@idea makes mounts for those. I started the same way as you, getting a good deal on a Craigslist board. As long as that deck is solid you will be fine using it. Look into the cost of the mount setup first though!

Those springs are the older version of their matrix series trucks. Still usable though.

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Hopefully Joel @MBS can chime in, but I believe the Multi Shock hanger, is the same shape as the Matrix 1/Pro trucks, and the springs and eggs are also the same (although I don’t know if they came with eggs back then). The baseplate and mounting holes are different being a 2 bolt, narrower plate on the Multishock, and a wider 4 bolt plate on the Matrix 1. I’m curious to know if the older hangers are compatible with the Matrix 1 baseplates, so the hangers can still be used, but I don’t think you can buy Matrix 1 components from MBS anymore. If the hanger is the same shape though, any original Matrix 1 mounts should fit. @idea, @nowind (E-Toxx) @Rithblu (All Terrain Creations) are some that come to mind.

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The matrix top plate fits nicely over the mutishock hanger but there is slop in the kingpin hole. The matrix hanger has a welded kingpin tube all the way across that the multishock hanger doesn’t have. I’m pretty sure there’s a spacer that fits the holes to take the slop out but I’m not 100% sure. image @AgressivStreetLamp I love the comp 16 deck. It’s a total snowboard construction deck with threaded inserts for adjustable baseplate bindings and all. You could definitely use the deck and trucks, ATC mounts fit the trucks and they’re great. I don’t know of any pulleys that fit the wheels but the axles will fit other wheels easily. At $45 you can’t go wrong even if you don’t electrify it’s still a blast. :slight_smile: image
I absolutely love the deck. I’ll never part with mine :slight_smile:


And down the rabbit hole we go,

Thanks for the tips guys.


So I picked up the board yesterday. Since you have both types of trucks, Can you tell me if matrix pro i mounts will fit my hangers? Thanks!

This is the mounting clamp from @Rithblu on the multi-shock hanger. I haven’t ridden with it but it fits almost identical to the fit on the matrix 1 truck. The multi-shock Hanger gets wider a little closer to the axle than the matrix 1 so it slides on about a 1/4” less far. image image image I don’t see them currently listed on his site but it couldn’t hurt to ask. He’s awesome to work with too.

I would assume other matrix 1 mounts would work as well I just don’t have them to test.

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This is priceless information. While you’re at it, can you show the fitment differences at the Kingpin and base plate?

image image

Is this what you’re looking for? Matrix 1 in silver multi-shock in black.

Please excuse the mess. Sold the house recently and have an apartment as a shop/storage unit as I’m not currently allowed to bring everything to the new house :joy:


Here’s the kingpin difference. The multi shock Hanger goes inside to outside the matrix goes outside to outside that’s why there’s the length difference. image image image


@Excess That’s perfect. Thanks, bro. I’ve been wondering about these differences between trucks. I’ve got MBS Matrix II, Multishock, Vector and ATS trucks, but the Matrix 1 is the only one I haven’t gotten my hands on to compare yet.

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Congrats on picking up a classic. That deck was made by NeverSummer in Denver.

As @Excess illustrated extremely well, swapping over the “top truck” (the part that mounts to the deck) isn’t easy because of the difference in the king pin diameter. My suggestion would be to just use the trucks as is because the hanger (the part with the axles attached) is the same shape for Multi-Shock trucks vs. Matrix I trucks.

After you’ve ridden that set-up for a while and are ready to take it to the next level upgrade to the Matrix II trucks with shockblocks. You’ll just need new motor mount clamps.

Good luck!


Thanks @MBS

@Excess what about the springs/dampeners? are they interchangeable?

The eggshocks/dampers and the top hats will work. As far as the springs, I believe (I don’t have multi-shock springs anymore) that the matrix spring free length is 1/2” longer than the multi-shock spring. I don’t know the wire diameter or know or if the matrix springs would compress and fit (that might be a bad idea).

@MBS please correct me where I’m wrong. I don’t want to give bad advice.

Ill take the trucks apart tonight and post my spring measurements.

What about shockblocks? They seem unlikely to fit.

Shockblocks definitely won’t fit.

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Conirming what @Excess said. Springs, eggs, and top-hats are compatible between Multi-shock and Matrix I. Shockblocks definitely not.