Multistar lipo v.s. 18650

I got the Orangoutang wheels which do do a good Job. Otherwise, I’m never going to give it full throttle anyways.

4100w / 48v = 85,4a per motor, per vesc… Which vesc you plan to use for it and i hope this vesc has a good heatsink. If it’s true that the multistar lipos can only output 4c (64a) it would be still too less

I decided to go with the DIY electric skateboards 30q 12s4p pack. The VESC I’m using is also from DIY and has a continuous output of 120A. I wanted something around 80A but the next lowest one I could find was only 50. My entire board is overpowered, but it gives me a lot of room for improvement such as offroading.

products/torqueboards-12s-120a-car-esc-opto-hv products/electric-skateboard-battery-epower-pack-12s4p

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For reference, I am personally using 50A bat & 80a motor x2/6374 motors. Used 4x8000mah 4 30C lipos (zippy flightmax) in the past with a theoretical output of 480A. These ended up swelling after a couple of rides and they are considered an improvement over the multistar based on experience by many. Despite of the swelling, they lasted for about a year before loosing considerable capacity (2000mah). I drain my cells to 3.7v under load.


Which lipos you use now?

Right now trying heavy duty 5000mah 60c. Used them for two months now, they stay cooler and haven’t puffed yet. You get around 4000mah out of them when draining to 3.7v.

I need 6 or them though to get a similar range/more range.

Nice! I also have the heavy duty 5ah 6s at the moment. No issues so far after two month, but I guess I don’t hit them as hard as you do :wink: Just interested how they would compete with the Graphens. They about 30-40% more expensive.


Please don’t get that esc, you will be very disappointed. Just because it says it can handle more current doesn’t mean it’s better. It has a bad acceleration and braking curve, it’s noisy and is not adjustable.

If you read a bit more you will understand that power is not what you think it is. I would get two Vesc’s any day of the week over that esc, they can probs do only about 40a continuous but your battery only does 60a anyway so there’s not point have anymore

That esc is :poop: compared to a vesc. The ridding experience will be much more pleasant with a vesc, and there is more protections built in and adjustability. I hope you can cancel it.

I also currently use lipo, Turnigy 5000mah 60c in 12s1p config. I would still go for the 30q pack. Lipo’s are way easier to kill than the 30q. They really don’t like to go below 3.7v without a drastic reduction in cycle life, so you can’t really use all the watt hours.

do you know of a decent vesc that outputs at least 60A 12s?

Do you know of a good <60A 12s vesc?

You don’t need a 60a vesc. Your battery can only handle 60a and you need two Vesc’s so you will have 30a per vesc for a combined total of 60a. Do not try to pull more than 60a from your battery, it will result in cutouts from the bms and can cause serious harm

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Do you know anything about this vesc? Is is any good?

I have not used this specific one but have used the MAYTECH one. This is pretty much a standard clone of 4.12. It should run fine in BLDC mode. But in FOC mode you risk killing it, especially on 12s. Try to keep the power wires from your battery to the esc as short as possible to help the esc have an easier life on 12s. It helps reduce voltage spikes.

In regards to amps, while 30amps per esc dont seem like much I can assure you it will be enough to scare the crap out of you and put you in life and death situations quite easily. :thinking: With a vesc you can adjust the battery amps and motor amp indepently. The battery amps is kind of like max system power 30a X 50v = 1500w per motor. But you can set the motor amps to like 60amps which effectively gives you more slow speed torque while still being within the 1500w total system power limit.

Also motor power ratings are bull crap. There is no standard and its only a peak rating, the constant power they can handle is usually less than half that. Bigger motors get less hot. You can almost rate a motor by weight. If you live somewhere very cold you can push a bit more or if you live somewhere hot you can push less. Gear ratio / load can also have big impact on motor temps.

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i use this one in combination with a focbox, but if you want performance get a focbox or go higher. If you want a beast you need reliable electronics, believe me, you will regret cutting cost. You will pay more in the end to get what you actually want.