Music and esk8ing

I wanted to start a general discussion thread about music. I’ll ask a few questions (and my answers) to get it all started!

What was the first song you listened to while riding? Kicks by Barns Courtney

-What song simulates the exhilarating feeling of riding and why? Kicks by Barns Courtney. While also being the first song I listened too, it is already a pretty upbeat and exciting song. It really gets me excited for my next ride!

-What genre do you usually listen while riding, and why? I listen to alt- rock, because it can be both exciting and calming, making for a very soothing, stress-relieving ride.

-Link to your playlist?

I also wanted to make a community generated playlist on Spotify. Add away! I am adding all my songs in that playlist (multiple genres), feel free to add whatever you want but please don’t delete anything! I’m open to feedback on this too, so if you have an idea don’t be afraid to let me know!

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Best buildup. :dizzy_face: Really gets me the vibs at the end. :lion:


What I’m most interested in is speakers. I think headphones + esk8sare abad idea no matter how you slide them. Speakers are the better option since you can listen to your music while still being able to hear and pay attention to the road . Some will hate It as it’s not being mindful to others but , in my opinion, when you’re moving at10+ mph… you’re not in one spot long enough to disturb anyone.

I’ve been using this :

Boombotix Boombot REX Wireless Ultraportable Weatherproof Bluetooth Speaker for iPods Smartphones Tablets and Laptops - Pitch Black (Newest Version)

For rides, but I’m thinking of getting two of these:

JBL Clip 2 Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker (Black)

Since they had the ability to link up with one another. Can’t really find a better alternative with the same features.

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That’s actually a very good point. If you are going slower than 10mph, There’s something wrong with your board :joy: Do you put the speakers in a backpack, or are they on your board somehow?

My obed has the strips of the shoulder strap , the Rex has a clip lid on the back so the speaker is usually around my shoulder.

I have always wondered about installing a speaker on a board. I think having a speaker will actually help with safety too, especially with night riding. If they can’t see you at first. play your music and make sure they hear you!

heres a video of my first skate, and the music I was listening to!

Crooked Colours - Capricious

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backpack speakers is the way to go :slight_smile:

ignore the skates though lol, i back lit the speakers too



I usually end up with some deep house which these days is a much wider genre than what it used to be.

@Deckoz 10

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Favorite song for popping power wheelies to.

I listen to alot of 70s funk mixed with edm like

Griz Big Gigantic GraMatick

Etc not quite done but…


I go through different playlists on different rides. 90’s underground, rap, classic rock, chillhop, basically anything but country lol Anything that will set the tempo for the ride


That is badass! how did you mount those lights? I have the same exact one and can’t seem to do it without them losing power from vibrations

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Check the esk8 lights thread :wink:

Speakers on your board or on your backpack is just rude. I hate it when teens walk in groups and have their music playing on speakers. It irritates the shit out of me. Yeah we know it. youll get noticed on an electric skateboard with speakers its just attention seeking. Just my 2 cents


Walking and riding are two different speeds. You’re seriously going to get mad at a moving vehicle playing music you’re going to hear for the max of what 1 min?

And it’s good. Attention seeking is good. It means cars, trucks, or any other moving vehicle & pedestrians are aware that I’m here and incoming. And it also means I can hear what I want to hear while at the same time not being hearing impaired for the road.


If it’s walking, I agree it can be obnoxious. But on a board, people won’t hear you for more than like 10 seconds. And honestly, I want to attract attention :joy: it means I won’t get hit by anything! Same reason I plan to have a bunch of lights too

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Man you’re talking to my heart with this picture!

Tron style lights + leather jacket + skates with lights = I’m sold!

Edit : BTW at the moment I like cruising on Eurythmics Sweet dreams, perfect pace to practice pushing and balance while enjoying a calm pace.