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My 1st. esk8 build - Alani Lani Mauna 44" Super Cruiser

Well guys, my first dive inside the hobby! I jumped into a shark infested tank with one hand tied to my back, but…what the heck!!

Dream: all I know is that I wanted a big longboard with lots of real state and ample room to move my feet. Also needed space to fit all the batteries and electronics below deck, thats why I chose a stiff board (Alani Lani - Mauna 44") with slightly 10 mm of flex -if I step over with all my weight at the very center- (which in practice rarely happen). Hope this slack will not affect the overall position of the battery.

Platform: the Mauna 44" is a spectacular board. Shaped cores laid up with 22 Carbon reinforcements + epoxy resin around a Baltic birch wooden deck; It is super light (1,6 Kgs), long, sleek, and strong as a rifle barrel.

Trucks: because I wanted wider and sleeker trucks I chose the Evolves 12" trucks. Now my pockets are suffering the burden but 'am just barely starting with the shopping list.

Skills: I don’t have engineer knowledge, I’m not CAD savvy, know nothing of 3D printing, but 'am just learning a lot from everybody here at the forum. I only have the sheer will and a strong desire to build the esk8 of my dreams.

Wish: hopefully I will meet people at the forum willing to help me out with the things I ignore and to get that ideal eboard that all of us desire.

Next items in the list: to find a motor mount that will fit the rear Evolve truck; suitable motors for those mounts (because the original Evolve motors are a pain and suck); and to find out if wheather or not the Evolves will accept those dreamed MBS 100 mm all-terrain wheels without major mechanical changes to the trucks axles.

Tell me what are you thinking? Any suggestions?

Cheers boys!


Nice deck! How did you get your hands on Evolve trucks?

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Your off to a great start, love the deck and trucks. Can’t wait to see how it all comes together.

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Went to Calikytes in Van Ness St. in San Francisco to take a look at the Evolve boards exhibited there, and guess what? They had both trucks for sale!

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Yes, nice trucks. Fine quality

Thanks man, I’ll keep you all posted.

How wide is the Evolve GT hanger?

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I measured the trucks there at the shop because I read somewhere they were 306 mm… and yes, they were 12" inches (306 mm or 30 centimeters) according with the clerk’s tape measure.

This was one of my main interest in these trucks because I always wanted a wide truck, the widest I can get. Because I was also looking for stability while riding (no shorter trucks for me) and for the boards stance. This is the idea of what my future board should look and I believe is one of the facts why Evolve eboards are so appealing to people. Their aggressive look is a result of being so low on the ground and seem to be so wide over the tarmac.

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Thanks, every time I order stuff from them I have to come up with another fantasy story :slight_smile:


Ok boys, my initial push is complete. Finished the first spending $$ round. I just received the MBS 100mm wheels and got the Evolve Speedball bearings.


I suggest waiting for the evolve superfly 107mm wheels :ok_hand:

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To late man. Murphy’s Law. :dizzy_face: Ordered MBS 100’s last week, arrived yesterday. Two nights ago found about the new Evolve 107mm black SuperFlys. :sob:

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Probably be hard as hell to get. Cant even get the Normal 107mm abec wheels lol


I’m new to this, so in a way a bit ignorant. Some times when you are new and ignorant about certain aspects of your hobby you easily get things others still consider difficult. Case in point, I walked in to the local eboard store here in San Fran (Calikytes) just to check their new Evolves, and just there, sitting on the shelve, they had this pair of Evolve trucks as spare parts inventory. So what 'am saying is, everybody thinks is super difficult to get parts from Evolve thru their web page because they won’t sell you things if ‘you are not a previous Evolve owner’. Well skip that, my suggestion, simply go to any other Evolve distributor around the country (US) they should have large inventories about anything related to Evolve. Money talks. Forget about their website.

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I’m working on my own custom build and these trucks look like what I need. Is there any why you can provide me with the 4 distances and 4 diameters in this picture.

I’m a design engineer and can repay you with some design work.


Yes man, I will measure the distances and send them back to you. In return you can help me out with a draft of my own that I need to fix. Deal?

sure thing. i also run a prototype shop and have every tool you can think of. including a very expensive SLS printer. we can make thing happen.

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Great man, its a deal. 'Am busy right now. But later tonight I will go and a get a caliper. Will take all the measures you need from those Trucks.

Yes you can order the trucks of one of the evovle web sites. you can order everything but the motor and vesc you can use other DIY site for parts here is a list for reference:

Hobby King good for motors electronic Scram boards full kits just add skateboard Evolve good for most parts Enercia good for mostly parts and info has kits too DIY skate boards has most parts ebay hit or miss mostly low quality Kali NYC only esk8 mechanic and board builder I know for hire. Trampa long board and mountain has some of the best parts on the market very expensive Etoxx Great CNC and machine parts and fabricating DIY esk8 site has full kits Torque: Alien power systems has most everything

There are a lot more I just cant remember off the top of my head

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