My 30Q 12s4p battery build (aka the Stimm Pack)

Hey guys, I just got done with my 12s4p 30Q Samsung cell battery.

Here is my build pictures. I used 737 silicon glue and fish paper to make sure everything was done properly. I also used 10mm 0.2 gauge nickel strip (doubled up for my serial connections).

Hope this helps anyone attempting to build a battery themselves!

IMG_1392![IMG_1286|666x500] (upload://ut1lFXXnw4cajEhZ2LeD9nc8WnZ.JPG)IMG_1394IMG_1539IMG_1179IMG_1399IMG_1398IMG_1401IMG_1404IMG_1405IMG_1406IMG_1408IMG_1407IMG_1528IMG_1416IMG_1417IMG_1532IMG_1566IMG_1420IMG_1569IMG_1451IMG_1598IMG_1600IMG_1562IMG_1623IMG_1625IMG_1595IMG_1628IMG_1631IMG_1597IMG_1632IMG_1624IMG_1629IMG_1630![IMG_1630|666x500]


great pictures! exactly what I wanted to look at today. how many cells total were there 48? =)

48 total (4 in parallel and 12 in series), which gives me 50.4 volts 12x4.2v.


got question about bms wiring. if i use a wire for series (awg) where will can put the phase wire? (positive side or in the negeative) or does it matter where?.

If I understand you correctly the 12 BMS wires just need to be connected anywhere you made the series connections. There really isn’t a positive or neg side to that.

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it does not, bms is just looking at voltage at that position.


thanks for the reply bro’s, good to know that! i didn’t use bms on my previous build.

wish i knew a good place to get those thick nickle strips :yum: I used this

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Nice work… do you make batt packs?

@ripcurldog I suggest u copy what you just wrote and create a new thread and past it over for that this is a old thread that has nothing to do with what your asking

Is this truely nickle ?

‎ nvm.

Hello, very Nice battery build. I bought 50 cells today and plan on the same config as you. Can u please tell me what BMS u used and what kinda spot welder that will do for a few batteri builds. also the layout config of plus and minus ?