My 9 month old son on longboard

Today my 9 month old son took my longboard and I was like what what what…? He really learned longboarding before walking😁

He filled our souls with positive emotions. Just wanted to share with this with you too…


Stoked!!! Very nice

Perhaps I need to find a new longboard for me now, because he like it so much…:blush:

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Yeah. That one’s his.

Yeah, your board just got jacked :slight_smile:

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Just need to hide remote of my electric board as soon as possible😊

My wife jacked my board…well I let her since I added a handlebar. the kid will be next

If he gets going any faster be sure to get him a TSG Pass…

you know, just to be safe…


I want that helmet too😍 And yeah, for him too…

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All these e-longboarding videos I see of these riders in bare feet! Makes me cringe… :confounded:

Get some shoes on boy! lol


So cute …:heart_eyes: