My attitude lately

I’d like to apologize for my attitude lately. I’ve recently encountered a perfect storm of negative stimulus as well as forgetting to take my meds on occasion.

The result is me doing stupid things like arguing in public, being generally aggressive, walking into the Circle K barefoot carrying my esk8 and buying a 32oz Stella Artois only to have the guy behind the counter tell me to wear shoes next time and me telling him i’m a proud mother fucking heathen, and also giving some forum peeps a hard time.

So, I’m sorry forum peeps.

That guy at circle k can suck it though. If i could walk in there with no feet on i’d do it. i’d bloody stump all over his pretentious white tile floor, and i don’t need life advice from a fresh little sock fucker like him. When a man walks in with a $2000 electric fuck-you stick and buys a $6 beer, you don’t talk about his bare fucking feet. Obviously its a choice. There was no sign on the door about shirts and shoes, and I’m fucking beautiful so what’s his problem?

Oh shit i did it again.


You are basically Esk8 Jesus so no need to apologize


No shit! Good on ya :slight_smile:


wear your effing shoes damn it! At least bring a pair with you, step in some dog $hit and drag your foot in next time.

The question is … are you allowed to call it a shoe anymore … has someone trademarked the word ‘shoe’?


Sorry. So i wasn’t wearing my foot-gloves…

That reminds me of when this film crew from Holland was following me around for two days last October. They all spoke Dutch and one of the guys was still fresh with english and he called my gloves hand-shoes.

I’m tired of not talking about that by the way. If i have to keep my mouth shut for another 6 months i’m going to explode. Do you want guts on the floor? because this is how you get guts on the floor.


Lol, chill - if everyone just renames their product to advertise themselves and donations continue as normal, the VESC project will continue to make innovations for you and other sellers, but trampa will be just another fish in the sea. Don’t think that trampa has gained anything - he hasn’t as he will be the only seller with VESC in the title so the VESC project will be known as an R&D codename sort of thing!

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I did, they are now called “Trampa Suxxx Apparatus” or “Dual Trampa Suxxx Apparatus” if you want a pair. For some reason Nike won’t talk to me about this :slight_smile:.


@longhairedboy - everyone is allowed to have a bad day/week or two. At least I enjoy your sense of humor and when you tear into somebody it’s pretty f’ing entertaining.

But seriously - hope it turns around for you and less negativity in your life. I’m not hovering in a lotus or anything… but i do find trying to be thankful and appreciative of my health, friends/family, etc. can help make the day seem better.

And then there are days it’s hard not to punch some idiot in their throat…

Best of luck to you my friend!


i would like very much to imagine you floating on a lotus bloom, but i’m too busy looking for prime shipping on amazon on throats i can punch.


Take your meds, if not give me some


This usually does the trick for me. At least you can see your situation. Lots of people are just pissy and don’t know it.


It’s a SockBox™


Never apologize for being a f&@king legend! Especially to the Shoe (Based on a loosely trademarked kinda open sourced as long as you aren’t Trampa) police.


made me laugh, cause I’m dutch.

Same here :smile:

The “No shirt, no shoes, no service” thing came out around the 70s to deter hippies from going into stores. So stop looking like a hippy, Long Haired Hippy! I mean Long Haired Boy!

my hair is trademarked. if i cut it, ill have to sue myself in defense of it.

also i’m gorgeous and should be able to do whatever i want without shoes.

Do you have a link to what they filmed? Would be interested to see! subscription is required, however. There’s a free trial though, so you could signup and cancel. That’s what i did.