My battery is capable of 50 amps cont rating. 5p times 10a

Do you think I could sneak in 60 amps in vesc setting, if I only use full throttle for very short bursts?

I will use 60 amps each for 6374 motors.

What should I set my regen amps at?

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your words mean near nothing, upload pictures of the battery.


Yeah, you’ll be fine. Your BMS may limit you though. I’d double-check that. Most cells will also have a peak current rating listed somewhere.

It will be wellllllllll built, with generous series wires, and .15 nickle. The cells are GA which are rated as 10 amp continuous. The BMS is 60 amp, thinking whether to bypass or not. It should do it, for the battery capability, without dangerous cutouts.

10 gage, likely two series.

10s5p big vesc from flipsky.

Just heard from ebay tracking, that my enclosure is IN THE STATES. Isnt finished yet. Just getting ready to hit the ground running.

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My word is my bond. Haha

If you run the bms with discharge, it’s possible it could cut you if you smash past 60a

In my experience it’s decently hard to pull that much for more than a few seconds, look at the bms rating and see what its burst current rating is as well as the time allotted for it


Battery_Mooch would be able to answer

you can find him on