My board is destroying my chargers out of nowhere

Hey guys so I wanted to charge my board like I always do and when plugging the charger BOOOOM. I open the case, inspect the charge port nothing. I try again with another charger and BOOM. Now I don’t have any other 10s charger :confused: What could it be?

Charger is blinking red, if I plug something it kills it instantly. So I have two questions then how can I repair all the chargers I just broke ( change capacitors maybe??) And what the heck is happening to my board?!

My bet is that the fuse in the chargers blew, depending on the charger obv. If you they do indeed have fuses. It means that something is short circuitinng your + and - on your board (unless power socket is funky). Use a multimeter and see if you have connection between + and - in the charger port. That would be the first steps.

come back with results.


Measure the voltage on the charger jack BUT DON’T STICK MULTIMETER PROBES IN IT. Plug a male 5.5mm x 2.1mm barrel plug into it and probe the back of the plug.

It should be at battery voltage. If it’s 0V, check continuity across it.

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I am following your recommendations and will come back with the results thanks guys

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Lab PSU or one of those DPS units is helpful here. You get a display for voltage, and you can limit current to like 100mA to test.

What voltage are you getting at the charge port of the pack?

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Battery is at 34.4 volt @b264 i don’t really know what you mean by plug?

I tried to check the voltage at the plug and it exploded, litteraly I will have to change it and cheik again can I just check the two wires maybe?

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I don’t usually write in all-caps but that’s why I said don’t stick multimeter probes in there in all caps and suggested using a plug. Don’t ask me how I know…


Haha I just learn by mistake I tried with a bullet connector but didn’t worked

For explosions, there must be large flow of current, right? I’m thinking, there are 3 ways for this to happen at the plug.

  1. battery demands huge current and charger provides it. Can’t really happen as charger has a current limiter.

  2. charger demands large current from battery. Can’t really happen as the voltage at the charger is higher than 34.4v (water can’t flow uphill).

  3. there’s a short somewhere.

Uploading… Should I do like so?

I think he’s saying

probe the wire ends.

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:arrow_up: yes, that

OR this

Alright I get it I m just dumb then :slight_smile: I found a new DC port and I will try again where is negative and positive so I don’t mess up? . There is 3 pins

Plug the charger in the connector and meassure it with a multimeter. You will either see like ~35v or -35v Then you know wich is negative and positive