My board is Finally done! | Space cell pro 4 | Dual R-spec | Rayne avenger

In the last few days I’ve had some pretty amazing experiences here in Vancouver, this board has changed my day to day life (when it’s not raining…) hah. Me and a friend put alot of time into this build, we re soldered the vesc’s so it could fit better in the Pro 4 nicely. I would love to build custom boards for people so if anyone is interested let me know :slight_smile: I will let the pictures do the talking :


I wonder if you’ll have any problems down the line sharing that 1 cap for 2 VESCs. Is it 50v or 63v? Maybe @chaka @elkick could chime in?

Let me know if you have remote signal issues as well. Since the antenna wire is sitting right next to the mosfets, the switching may leak noise into the PWM cable and cause random cutouts and stuck throttle on your remote. In case you do experience this, ferrite rings should do the trick!

Other than that your build looks great, and congratulations for completing it! I love the braided phase wires.

Sick build. Is that half inch braided? I can’t find it any bigger than half inch

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Thanks @Jinra! It’s 50v, so far everything is running perfect after Aproxmently 60k of riding. I moved the receiver to the corner so it was out of the way after seeing a couple of your posts just to be safe, I will keep yeah updated.

Okay, just be careful. I’ve heard insufficient caps can kill a VESC. Why not solder the other 50v cap on the board in parallel?

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Thanks @barajabali! I think it’s half inch, I just had it laying around.

Hopefully I don’t kill my vesc, hah! I will just have to test it out for everyone.

Hey @Chris604. Just wondering how this build is holding up… specifically the deck. I just ordered one for my next build.


Hey, @telerando the board is pretty good. It’s really good for going fast not so much carving. I still recommend it but if you want to cruise around for a long time and take tight corners I would look into a board with a flatter surface for your back foot, it digs in abit and you will notice your foot hurting after 20km.

Perfect thanks @Chris604 ! I was more concerned with the durability of the deck… but good to know that the shape may not be ideal for long hauls.

Kinda wish I was in Van to try it out once it arrives and I get it built up. It’s snowing here in Canmore.