My board suddenly stop braking down a hill

Hallo Yesterday when i was out riding my board, the motor-breakes stopped working two times, when i was going down a hill and was braking maybe 50-70% at the same time. This was pretty crazy, and it threws me of my board both times.

My setup is a single motor (270kv) on 6s lipo, with a VESC 4.12 from (running 2.18fw)

I have attached my settinngs, that i was running with. The funny part is though, that after these two episodes, when i was connecting my computer today to se, the first page in BLDC was set back to default settings, the same goes for the motor detection parameters ??

I have tried with both fault and faults in the terminal, and their is none.

Any help is appreciated Thanks

Hello, first of all, didnt you forget to read the configuration (silly but just to get the obvious stuff out of the way) and can you reproduce this problem at slower speed? The point is to tell how long does it take the VESC to work properly again. If it is a fault it would take like 3 seconds to work again for non-latching errors. Or other option is to try to reproduce it without crashing and turning of the board connect it to the BLDC tool and check for faults in the terminal tab.

Hallo Martin Yes i remember to click the read buttom first :slight_smile: (or else all the parameters on the first page is just 0 ) The board is working right after the failure again. So are you saying, that in order to get the fault code from the terminal, this must be done before turning of the board ?

Yes because it is stored in a memory that resets itself when turned off unlike the part of storage that keeps your settings etc even when off.

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when you were going downhill, was your battery fully charged?

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What I used to do is just go out and try to get the problem to occur at as slow speed and as close to home as possible and just pick the board up and go home to see WTF is wrong again! :smiley: :smiley: JK :smiley: BTW: it seems too popular and even more stupid, some people ride with their laptop to see realtime data… dont be one of them, be wise before you hurt yourself :frowning: :smiley:

@Martinsp But it happens only two times, with no pattern.

@thisguyhere Sorry i forgot to mention that both time, the battery was about 40-70% full.

@SORRENTINO Sorry but i don`t understand what this has to do with my problem ?? I know for a fact, that both times it happen the battery was not flat, nor was it fully charged ???

@SORRENTINO It is not low, What you say is wrong actually. because at 4.2V you have 25.2V so 26.4 is probably a mistake.

Wasnt it a loss of signal with your receiver? I know that in my area there are a few spots where the signal is as if jammed or interrupted heavily. Cant that be the case?

His cutoff (the upper one i think is what you are saying) is set in the picture at 57V which is more then twice his voltage

I have the Winning remote (new version bla bla bla :stuck_out_tongue: ) And i suspect that maybe that could be my problem ? I have read about lot of people with problems using this remote. But when the vesc has been resetting some settings to default, i thought that this could not be the case. I have btw. put a ferrit on my servo lead.

@SORRENTINO The battery cutoff start is when the VESC will decrease the power output to give you some more range and to lower the voltage sag (it is bigger with high power/more amps) not an overcharge protection.

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@Silverline I have that ferrite ring on my setup too but it is still happening (the ferrite ring does not prevent loss of signal just interruption of the “data” transfer from your receiver to your VESC meaning it does notaffect the communication between your antena and remote) There is only one way to find out, go to the same place and try it, this time be prepared to avoid crash if it happens again. And just to be sure check for faults afterwards. If no faults are saved you found your problem most likely.

@SORRENTINO please show me where it says that you are right? I am pretty sure that this information is in Benjamins video on his youtube channel. Go check it out.

No he’s not wrong battery cut offs are for ramping power down I set mine at 3.6-3.8 per cell so it begins reducing power at 3.8 and cuts off power completely at 3.6 (average) per cell (conservative)

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@SORRENTINO I like how you were saying I was wrong and the lol at the end got me. :slight_smile: skip to 34:15 and educate your self before you try to help someone or point fingers at someone and say they are wrong. I am not trying to be mean just think before you say something that could harm someone in any way. Thank you :slight_smile:

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Lets bring this thread back on track shall we? @Silverline so what do you think you are going to do?

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I was hoping you guys could tell me that :-/

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I just grabbed a Bluetooth modules for the metr app for remote telemetry to try and get more data and see if I can gather more info about the occasional :ghost: but could have either been EMI or something coming physically loose due to vibrations over time… What did you do to get it to reconnect, anything?

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I personally would take my friend with me to carry my notebook on a bike or longboard or whatever (so that you dont destroy it in your backpack in case of a crash) and after it happens check the faults and if it happens in the same place. If you dot have someone like that you can always just walk home or bus etc… After there is no fault you pretty much have the only problem left and that is the signal loss for whatever reason that you cant most probably cant avoid. Try putting the antenna on the very edge of your board so that it wont be affected by the powerrwires.

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I have the Metr app. And will try using that…

And maybe its the Winning remote (i have the GT2B remote in the mail) But dont you guys think it`s pretty od, that the vesc is going back to default settings by its own, after my braking failure ?

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