My build / New 10s4p Li-ion pack with bms on metal deck

Have been riding around with my old 8s4p pack using LiFePo4 chem cells. This pack is limited by the BMS to 60A and my on my vesc to 40A. Not sure what the top speed of this one will be but I’ll try to post back with an estimate later.

ended up making the pack into sections so that that I can squeeze it into my enclosure that is riveted onto the bottom of my deck.

specs: -10s4p 3000mah cells HG2 (IR is unknown…I don’t want to know.) -100mm ebay wheels with super reds bearings. -calib oh you already know what the trucks are. -Yoachacer aluminum deck -300mm belt -2.4ghz receiver. -motor 6350 190kv unless I reattached the wrong motor again.

Was really thnking about swapping the motor out for something with a little more oompf.