mY BUILD no pics yet

My deck is an EVO copy, with flat truck mount area. 15 inch trucks, flipsky. 6374 flipsky r motors. Flipsky big vesc. Dual. Flex batt enclosure. Fiberglass. 10s5p battery. 7inch AT ish wheels. 15 and 16 pulleys on motor, 66 on wheels. Will be relatively water resistant.

I am disabled, heart failure. I am building board, MOSTLY to run pup. I have a Eglide, 400 watt single that doesnt do the job anymore. Too small tires, too harsh brakes, too weak for hills.

Used to be a plastic injection moldmaker, process eng.

I have to wing it, as I havent been able to get my tools and such from old place, Covid and all.

Board should do 30ish, have GOBS of torque, I will mount heatsink outside enclosure.

Likely will ride, then opt for riptide bushings, when I know how to go. Will get the ceramic 10mm bearings someday. Should be similar to the top DIY builds by pros.

Made the mistake of ordering a batt encl. from Russia. They dont do anything fast. Jonesing for the finish. Build is almost done cept for all the electronics.

Well hell yeah man. I have a pet tyrannosaurus rex that thinks he’s a walrus. No pics yet.


So you run your REx too? I hear they can do 35mph.

Used to have my dogs pull so hard, that I NEVER charged the battery. EVER.

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Shit yea, I ride that sumbish on the regular.

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