mY BUILD no pics yet

My deck is an EVO copy, with flat truck mount area. 15 inch trucks, flipsky. 6374 flipsky r motors. Flipsky big vesc. Dual. Flex batt enclosure. Fiberglass. 10s5p battery. 7inch AT ish wheels. 15 and 16 pulleys on motor, 66 on wheels. Will be relatively water resistant.

I am disabled, heart failure. I am building board, MOSTLY to run pup. I have a Eglide, 400 watt single that doesnt do the job anymore. Too small tires, too harsh brakes, too weak for hills.

Used to be a plastic injection moldmaker, process eng.

I have to wing it, as I havent been able to get my tools and such from old place, Covid and all.

Board should do 30ish, have GOBS of torque, I will mount heatsink outside enclosure.

Likely will ride, then opt for riptide bushings, when I know how to go. Will get the ceramic 10mm bearings someday. Should be similar to the top DIY builds by pros.

Made the mistake of ordering a batt encl. from Russia. They dont do anything fast. Jonesing for the finish. Build is almost done cept for all the electronics.

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Well hell yeah man. I have a pet tyrannosaurus rex that thinks he’s a walrus. No pics yet.


So you run your REx too? I hear they can do 35mph.

Used to have my dogs pull so hard, that I NEVER charged the battery. EVER.

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Shit yea, I ride that sumbish on the regular.

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Still no pics, but it is coming right along. Mounted my threads, and mock bolted my enclosure, and test fitted all the various seals. I will not need to make any phase wire holes. Or sensor. It looks a tad strange, as it is rigidish, as in flat, with hatch foam, varying with the bottom of the deck. But very tidy, and mostly hidden when seen. The enclosure is about an inch and a half, too long for my board. But closed cell hatch foam, from both directions, makes a great seal. I cant ride my board underwater, but pretty damn sealed. I could ride in the rain. But would only ride in sprinkle, or after rain, mostly evaporated. I got some thicker cpu heat transfer foam, and will cut JUST the mounting holes, and the bare minimum to clear the mosfets or whatever. Then I silicone the heat sink to the bottom of enclosure. So I save about a quarter inch, with great cooling. Room enough for a full BMS. It is 60A but 180 amp burst capable, so that is plenty to avoid getting booted from board. So nonbypassed bms. Got my P groups done, got the nestles all neoprened. Nothing is gonna jiggle. I found awesome hardware for the enclosure. They are called truss head bolts. 10/32 with a phillips head. So a bigger head dia. Then, 1/16 rubber washers. Going into brass threads. Enclosure has 1/4 hatch foam, closed cell, Where the enclosure exceeded the board, I placed 1" square hatch foam tape. Then trimmed it a little, so it melds well with the 1/4 foam gasket.

So, it is down to doing the series connects, with solder, and then finishing all the electronics. My BIG ASS flipsky vesc, will fit NO PROB. All the waterproof charge jack, and the miniusb extentions, the antispark switch and other holes for acess, no prob.

I am thinking of naming my board, DESPOT.

a ruler or other person who holds absolute power, typically one who exercises it in a cruel or oppressive way.

Doing a sign painting logo. I have a bamboo deck, and am using the medium glass shavings, for minimal intrusion of the nice wood deck. It will hardly show any distortion from stock.

I have mondo clearance under the batteries etc. Even when I switch to the 6.5 urbans.

Installed my Riptide kit.

Pumped the wheels, they hold air.

17.5 ah, should get me 25 miles on charge, if not closer to thirty.

I have a 15 and a 16 pulley, so I should find the perfect ratio, or even have both.

Totally streamlined, sleek, simple. Wide trucks look tough, and will add stability. 7 inch tires should be plush.

4 amp charger, that has 80 90 100 charge switch. I I am hoping to get a fast charge.

Got some idler pulleys, if I choose to mount.

Getting towards the end of build, so I am trying not to rush.

So far, all supplies work, and it is all coming out much cleaner than what i could buy.

My tyranawalrus has evolved. No pics yet. Camera shy.

Heres a bad pic of my latest endeavour. I cut a hole in my enclosure, Just large enough to encompass the mosfetty thingies that rest against the heatsink. Then I drilled holes, JUST big enough, to encompass the threaded standoffs. Once I felt the heatsink sliding on the surface without any small bumps, I added a little monkey snot, just enough, to squish out a tad when tightened.

Then I screwed the standoffs into the heat sink. Then I added the rubber washers with still sticky side. Then I screwed the circuit board onto the heatsink, that was attached with monkey snot. And as I tightened, I felt that the small torque upon the circuit board, would allow not using the thicker CPU heat transfer pad I bought, when I didnt know how thick the enclosure wall was. It turns out, the thickness of the wall is maybe .05 thou. Very thin, with high quality epoxy resin.

Then, the sensor wires and the phase wires, get sandwiched by the 1/4" gasket, and the 1" hatch gasket. This means, water resistant and no holes drilled in enclosure. Wires stay low profile and follow the deck.

The heatsink of my Flipsky 6.6 big vesc, is now able to be worlds more efficient and effective. This also gained me about 1/4 inch of room for bms etc. The plan came together better than even hoped. And so, the vesc and the bms modules, are affixed to the enclosure.

Just need to add all the rest, power button, connectors, charge port, and if I put holes thru, for mini usb extensions, panel mount.

The pic shows how the enclosure extends past the deck. And the interface of the gaskets.

I am overall, glad I went 10s. While I will slightly limit amps by vesc, and I may have limited mph to maybe thirty, that is really all I need. The 6374R motors should give plenty of kick.

I have overspeced everything, except current draw capability of cells. They are 3500 mah GA cells, that only have a 10 per rating. 5p I think I can get 60 amp bursts, and less amp draw normally. Charge at 4 amps. That with all the vesc cooling, at 10s, I think I stand a good chance of having a stupid reliable super board.

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Wow. So. Rad. Dude. Show. Me. More.

The heatsink adds back a lot of rigidity, and the hole thru is small, so it should be as tough as not modified.

wELL, bad news, both the male and female antispark switch SWITCH plug, disintegrated. And so, I THINK I am certain of the wiring order. So I will have to install the switch, then solder the leads onto the bare metal. I am thinking of using all bullets for hookups, as many times the wires come from different places.

It will stay cleaner.

I couldnt have done any of these choices, if I had not separated the heatsink for install.

I guess I am going sp13 2 pole for charge. And putting the switch on the other side. Still deciding whether to use the mini usb extension/ panel mounts.

Installed the 10 gage to the battery, completing the circuit. No sparks, charger fuse didnt blow. hooked up the charger, two red lights. It all fits. Bms didnt drain the batt.

I am charging it all up some, to program vesc. Then a final charge, and I am mobile.

So far, a great build, and few if any screwups. Tech seems solid.

Now if I can get the vesc tool down, It is finished, ish.

The tool on, says I will go 35 miles, I am thinking not more than thirty. But that is plenty to do errands, shopping and such.

I am going to try staying unbypassed. I have 60 amps, and 180amp momentary. No fuse on discharge.

My battery is not ruggedized, meaning, that since it has cubbyholes, and many series connections, I didnt shrink wrap them. But, they are snug, and nothing rattles or wiggles. So, fish paper and lots of kapton, and very little movement, makes for a safe battery. It will always stay in situ, unless there is a problem. I can do a per cell check, if I remove the enclosure.

I just hope I dont regret limiting the continuous amp draw to 50 to sixty. The big motors wont be a waste, as they will not heat up, and will have good torque. I have GA cells.

But, if I can keep the vesc and the battery near ambient, and run sensored FOC, I am likely to have a powerful board, not much voltage sag. And get close to rated range.

Well, although the vesc tool is fiddly, and gives FAKe warnings and such, I finally got it all programmed. The motors run the correct direction, the antispark switch gave a lot of trouble. But I got it all working, and am charging for final.

All in all, a much finer board than I could get with that amount of cash.

It is wide and low, has the latest VX2. Has 6374s, has the BEEFY vesc. Has 17.5AH battery. Very watertight.

I will get some beauty shots soon. Didnt want to jinx it.

Got some pics.

This shows my pup, and the board thickness. It also includes my electric bicycle. I will be redoing the battery on that and putting it in the triangle. Taking off the present battery holder.


Great! looks like things are coming along nicely!

Can your dog skate? he looks pretty keen on trying it.

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Dog is a MONSTER. She is half Chihuahua, half pitbull. Impossible to manage. So I need to wear her ass out.

I made a braided bungee leash, double length. I put dog in harness. Had the border collies I used to run trained, with right, left and slow. Running in the street is a cooperative endeavour. This one is not trained, and doesnt train easily. But she is bossy as hell, so maybe she will become a pro.

The electric skateboard is the ONLY way to really run a dog. That or a bicycle. Walking a dog does NOTHING for their cardio. And this mutt, is a behavior nightmare if she isnt kept busy, tired and entertained.

I will put out a youtube, when she learns left right and slow. People need to start running their pups.

before I had electric skateboards, back in 2013 or so, my dog was my power source for my skateboard… The best exercise ever pulling 100kg along… no so great for the joints in the dogs legs though. With the electric motors the dog still gets a good run without hauling so much load.

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I literally reconfigured a headway pack to 24v, and the dogs pulled so much, that I literally NEVER, in well over a year, EVER charged that pack. Regen kept them alive.


Are you fucking with me?

Why, are you chi or pit? She is about twentyplus pounds, all muscle, with a chi attitude, and pit strength. Fearless and bossy.

PS, I think it usually is a female pit, and a male chi, otherwise, it would be scary.


I have pits always have. That combo sounds like a statistic waiting to happen. Not bashing you or your dog. I’d like to see it lol.