My build plan any problems i should know about

this is a build for a kid weighing 150# to use hoping to get about 10-17 mph top speed scooter with 8-inch wheels or cruiser board with 80mm 80a wheels

125 watt motor lipo packs balance charger gears ranging from 48 t , 36, 20 t sprockets from 10, 20, 30, soldering iron cheapest esc and remote possible

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We can’t tell you a single thing until you link the exact parts that you’re talking about.

List them via a link to where we can buy them, or just give a description

This is an example from awhile ago of my board



I second what @anon64938381 said. How can anyone possibly offer you any suggestions or pose any problems for your setup until you post exactly what your setup is? If you’re looking for suggestions on what parts to use for your build or how to put it together, there are many many youtube videos and DIY sites that suggest and instruct many different builds with many different parts. After you have educated yourself on the options and decide on a build, THEN post your build here and lots of people in this community would be more than happy to critique it for you and offer you help and suggestions. Good luck and Getcha Roll On!

2 -3 of these this deck as for the motor im not sure what its called but its 125 watt rated for up to 36 volts

Read the descriptions carefully young blood.

So for your batteries: You want 2-3 of the ones linked. Screenshot_20190630-092736_Chrome

2 of them in series will be 8s which = 29.6V
3 of them in series will be 12s which = 43.2V
36V is 10s and what that kit prefers. It claims you can use up to 48v but I wouldn’t trust it. Stick to 10s or 12s


So 2 of those batteries wouldn’t even make the board turn on.

I don’t see you listing specific motors, mounts, trucks… We can’t give you much help. You mentioned sprockets, are you making a chain drive?

For simplicity in a first board that will get you what you want, maybe you ought to go with hub motors and a controller that comes in a kit.

Dickyho makes some good stuff for the price.

Slap that on a board with a battery and ride.

Or just buy a prebuilt. I ride one of these in Colorado and it pushed me along at 150 lbs.

It’s MBS’s electric longboard division.

is there a way for me to shut this down just realised my motor is to weak

$20 motors… Amazon if for hardware and maybe belts. Not motors, esc, mounts , pulleys.