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My Canadian build in progress

I’m still ordering parts for the next month or so but this is what I have to work with.


“my canadian build” and you had to get a bamboo deck… :smile:


bamboo feels incredible to ride on #worthit

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Canadian maple would have been more suiting


My first thought exactly :smiley:

It should be made out of recycled hockey sticks :hockey:


Do you really notice that much of a difference? I just finished picking up another long board and I tried some shorter boards like that and didn’t really notice a difference, it was only the longer boards I found made a big difference.

As a fellow canadian though I definitely will be following this!

This is the first long one i’ve had and i find it’s really awesome for going fast, putting both hands behind you, and dropping the back knee. Other than that I absolutely love short boards i find that around 30" is the sweet spot.

Yeah see I am the opposite, My first board I bought ten years ago and it was a drop deck and ever since than the short stuff just seems too high up. Oh and I love going fast!!

Unfortunately I don’t see much electric skateboards in Canada at all. I’m in the GTA in Ontario. Bought a dual rocket from torque boards. probably going to gut the thing at some point and put everything on a different deck. Do you know of any groups or anything in Canada? I’d love to see somebody zoom by on an eskate. or maybe even this one?

I haven’t seen anyone at all on an eskate in ontario. I live in waterloo an hour away :stuck_out_tongue:

Northlake just did some quick Kijiji search and saw your board on there, what’s going on?

delduked I live in Caledon and work in Toronto, I only have a long board now but hoping to build an eskate soon enough!

trying to get some capital to reinvest in some projects, i’m so broke it makes me cry

I usually buy, assemble, sell, make 100 bucks then do it over… I hate being broke lol

Do you pay a lot of duty fees when you order your DIY parts? I haven’t got my Torqueboards Dual Rocket yet. Where do you get your parts from?

I order them all separately so there’s no duty. I just acquire parts from the usa that are cool and then charge a premium because they aren’t native to canada. :slight_smile:

Hey guys! Update time!

I have now added a motor mount courtesy of @korryh, a motor courtesy of @JLabs, and a 15mm pulley setup with a 265 belt from @johnny_261 :smile: SUPER EXCITED

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Looks good man! I’ve used motor mounts from @korryh as well. They are great, but would just recommend that you change the bolts on the clamp from allen bolts to regular ones. I found even with threadlocker that the allen head bolts would work themselves loose after a while. With regular bolts, I could get a lot more torque on them and they stayed put a lot better. Good luck with your build.

Where did you get your deck, I have one that looks just like it

I got mine at