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My carbon deck and potted (48) Lg hg2

12ah. 50 volts.

Safest li-ion chemistry

New bustin sportster pro

Batteries sunk in 90duro rubber

All copper sheet connections (lowest resistance)

Cost me a bundle on the nicest cells. Here’s the best deal going on these cells I can find and doing the math and adding the 140$ deck I shiver thinking at losing the money and the time spent but I changed my mind and want to make my own deck. I’m over it and want to sell it and make something else.

The potting is experimental and at worst there could end up a break in the connections inside. The connections are all done with compression and rubber and copper sheeting. I don’t think it would disconnect and it should be the most efficient means of connecting and I just say it as a worst case scenario. You’d have to cut the batteries out and make ur own pack at that point. Not hard to cut and maybe youd rather do that from the beginning, but I’d like to find someone who wouldn’t cut them out and see how they do. A flexible battery. Copper strips protected from oxidizing.

It is low and maybe ud feel more comfortable not dropping the trucks thru

If anyone is interested …300$. That’s a bit more than the price of the cells alone

All the cells are new and from the above seller before their sale. In San Francisco and rather not ship


I want this!, sent pm

Randomly came back across this thread again, did you ever sell this?

Sold! …