My carbon fiber esk8

Here are some photos of a design I have been working on.


These are some slick motor mounts! Are you a member of that company… or this is just some highly detailed 3model?

I saw the second picture in the gallery… what is that ‘‘stand for’’? IT has skateboard wheels + motors attahed to it… Is that some sort of dyno test device?

Is it possible to ‘‘open the enclosure’’? How can you access the batteries / esc from outside?

I made it all, real photos. The test stand is just intended to allow for operation on a bench. The enclosure can be opened but it is under the grip tape.


What price? Do u sell more of these boards?

Not selling the decks at this time. I own the mold and am considering selling it. Also wanted to get feedback on the design. I’ll post more pictures soon.

How long is it?

It is 35.5in long.

Take my $$$!!!

Looks really good and quality seems great! I does look like big company created this board, if you did it your self, well done! If you are not going to be selling this, are you considering open sourcing it? :slight_smile:

nice job, looks pretty slick

he’s selling it - great job man !

He’s trying to sell it

Post a video brahma!

Want remote controller do you use this for board ?

Perhaps It was in the list of parts but I did not look carefully enough…

Do you have an inside view of the board? So we can see the battery and electronics compartment.

Also, holy shit this is awesome work!

I really hate to be a downer, but this is the same board that you posted (and then deleted) on Reddit. The original post has been deleted but the comments are still visible here:

It’s worth reading the whole thread, especial the comments around the patent. “What patent?” I hear you say … this.

There are two points that I personally think are important. They are:

  1. If anyone purchases the mold they many not be able to legally sell decks made from the mold, and
  2. I’m not a lawyer, so please bear this in mind when I say … this patent looks like poison. It’s so generic it could cover any fully enclosed CF/Kevlar deck. Patents like this will significantly reduce innovation in the eskate community … and I think that’s a horrible idea.

The patent you linked to is only an application - not a granted patent. More importantly the patent will most probably not get granted since there are already multiple other similar products on the market (just look at the decks from enertion, DIY or MEB). You can check the status of the application here: with number 15/093,957 Status is listed as: “Docketed New Case - Ready for Examination” My guess is it will never actually be go through.

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thanks all for positive feedback

@SeanHacker, currently discussing sale with multiple parties who seem capable of bringing to market. @Okami, just using existing off the self remotes like steez. @rwxr, no pics of inside but I’ve just been using the same open source/off the shelf electronics everyone else uses.