My Current Build: TB ESC with Space Cell Pro 3

I’m currently working on this build and would like to know if anyone things there’ll be any issues?

TB 12S ESC DIY 6055 motor (w/ mount) Enertion Wireless Controller Enertion Space Cell Pro 3 with enclosure/switch Kebbek 43" deck

My only concern here is with the signal wires Back when I had the TB mini wireless controller, the receiver used both the signal wire AND the UBEC power However the TB receiver only has 1 port, so do I only connect signal wire? or something else?

Any help would be appreciated!

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You need a motor mount, also I would go for a VESC for better braking and performance :slight_smile:

I have a vesc, but I’m not able to get it working for some reason :confused: which is why i gave in a got the 12s esc

Where did you get your vesc? And what seems to be the problem?

For some guy in Long Island, it works with the Neo 6364 motor(it spins at 1 speed when I use the controlled), but doesn’t do anything with my diy 6055 motor(doesn’t spin at all, only shakes a little for a second) I am basically not able to read it with the BLDC tool, but it does load with ST Link utility

Is it the Twinkix? I really like that one. I almost bought that deck but decided on the Omen Tango instead. It was a really good deal.

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Yes @i2oadsweepei2 that’s the one!

I used the deck with my previous build, and it really rocked my socks off. amazing ride quality, super smooth

Very nice. How stiff is it? I ended up putting 2 layers of Carbon Fiber on the tango to stiffen it up for torqueboards 12s3p battery. It’s a Cadillac now :slight_smile:

it’s pretty stiff so far. but I’ll know more once I ride it for a week. That’s a good idea with the Carbon fiber, I’ll take a look into that

Any chance you know if a cheap and good gps tracker that I can stick inside?

To map your ride or for security? I just use my phone and an app called map my ride. For security I use the trust no one approach.

for security haha I got my last one robbed in nyc, so I wanna put a tracker on it incase it happens again (won’t happen again with this knuckle rings I now own)

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It’s normal to only spin at one speed on the bench. That’s because of current control. If it works with the 6374, then it should work with the 6055. But you’ll need to do motor detection with the 6055 and apply its parameters before running it with your controller.

That’s where the issue is. I’m not able to run motor detection in the tool. the vesc is not recognizable for some reason

Are you on windows or mac?

I was using windows (running on parallel on a mac)

You would do better running the mac version on mac Then you don’t have to worry bout comports and such.

hmm, I’ll try that out today. not sure why I didn’t try that in the first place :slight_smile:

Plug in USB cable to vesc and computer then open bldc tool.

Mac is much more plug and play than windows