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My Current build

So as per requested, I will document here my current build including an anal exam of the board insert laugh here.

So I’ll start out with the build materials.

  • I started out with a santa cruz cruiser board.
  • Replaced the trucks and wheels with enertion trucks and wheels.
  • I’m using a single drive enertion mechanical system. This is with old limited edition gold mount.
  • For the motor, an r-spec II, the smaller one (this was the only size at the time)
  • For batteries, I am using 2x zippy 6s lipo batteries in parallel, 8000 mAh each, so in total, 16000 mAh
  • For the ESC, a 180a FVT. Not the best, but gets the job done.
  • For the controller, an Andoer 2.4G Radio Controller (amazon)
  • The case is custom made by me, with a dremel and a sanding belt. The case has built in charging and balancing ports. The dual balance allows you to check each battery separately in case a cell in one battery is failing. Charging is done in parallel as it is easier.
  • Also, I use acoustic dampening pad between the case and the board. This dramatically deduces road vibrations to the case and electronics, making for a quite and smoother ride.
  • Thread locker used on every screw, and electric tape wrapped around every bullet connector involving power. This is to ensure wires don’t come lose, but allow me to deconstruct in case parts ever need replacing.

Here’s some videos: Riding - Open case test - Close case test -

And pictures (please note it looks darker because its wet. I rode it through light rain with soaked streets today for the first time with no issues)

Enjoy and I love to hear feedback. There’s a lot of things I could have and would have done differently. My next build will be very different.

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haha I’d clean that motor and mount- I doubt that shiny r-spec likes being drowned in sawdust :wink:

I would also add a coat of paint to the wood, both to seal it and give a more uniform look. The shape is solid, just the mis-matched colors and lack of uniformity it makes it look worse than it really is. For example, here’s the wood case I did with a coat of flat black, and then a clear coat sealant

Looks like it’s been well used. You could almost call it a rat-board similar to rat-rods: built to drive not to show.
I love it !

a can of compressed air and a paint job and you won’t even tell the difference haha.

That almost looks like a boosted board

@tomtnt lol. A bit of a clean and paint and that build would look much better.

at first I thought it was a boosted.

almost, except I get a 15-20 mile range depending on how man hills I take.

I am a big fan of the zippy 8000’s
I have used them on one of my builds and the range is fantastic. i did build a board capable of holding 4 of them, but never needed to use it.

Jesus, that’s a bit overkill. I really like the 8000 zippys, as they have been through at least 100 full charge and discharge cycles with no signs of wearing. Early on, one of the cells in one started to fail, but I balance charge the cells up to 4 volts each instead of 4.2 (so i guess technically, I never really fully charge) and I never have en issue then of cells being unbalanced.

here’s a pic I had.